Fun Ways to Decorate with Your Camp Photos

Posted by Natalie Martin on Sep 19, 2016 2:54:26 PM

Camp is a magical part of any child’s summer. You meet people from around the globe, form friendships and create long-lasting memories. Photos are the perfect way to capture and save these memories. However, just printing off pictures and stashing them away in a box is boring and will likely be forgotten. So, we came up with a few creative ways to display and incorporate your camp photos into everyday life. 


  1. DIY Canvas Portrait

Transferring a photo onto a larger canvas is a unique way to display camp pictures. Only a few items are needed and you can follow the instructions here!  Once completed, this wall art can be hung anywhere in the home or a college dorm room.

Image Source A Beautiful Mess 

  1. Mod Podge Collage Letter Art

If your desk is in need of a renovation, this collage letter art is the way to go! Print out all your favorite pictures, organize accordingly and use Mod Podge to set the photos in place. This is a personalized statement piece and a way to exhibit a lot of pictures.


Image Source House on the Way 

  1. Hang Pictures In Unique Shapes

Hang pictures the old fashion way on your wall, but with a twist! Organize pictures into unique shapes such as a star, heart, or a word. Everyone’s eye will immediate draw towards your wall. For added flare, add Washi Tape to create boarders and frames.


Image Source 

  1. Custom Photo Coasters

Here’s another easy DIY that could be displayed on a coffee table or given as a gift –custom coasters. Pick up a few ceramic tiles, which can be found at any hardware store, shiny Mod Podge, a foam paintbrush and whichever photos you plan on using. This is a simple craft that all ages can do!


Image Source Pinterest

  1. Clothespin Pictures

Hanging your pictures with clothespins is a fun way to decorate your wall. Get an old picture frame, some yarn and clothespins. Hang the frame wherever you please and add pictures along the yarn. This craft is great for indecisive people since pictures can be rotated out as often as you please!f2cf15f8a8c88d98995d0fa3bf65d41a.jpg

Image Source Pin Me

  1. Scrapbook

This age old craft will never go out of style. Creating a scrapbook can be time consuming, but the outcome is definitely worth it. Decorate each page to your liking with things such as stickers, stencils, or stamps. Don’t forget to add dates and names of people in the pictures so you’ll remember your camp experience years down the road.


These six tips are great ways to ensure your camp photos don’t go unnoticed. Let us know how you plan on using your camp photos by sharing on our social media pages and our blog. Happy crafting!


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