From Master Chef Jr. In Spain To A Summer At JKCP

Posted by Jamie Calvario on Sep 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Meet Juan Davila from La Coruna, Spain. Before spending three weeks at our summer program, Juan competed in Master Chef Junior in Spain. Master Chef Jr. is a cooking competition show that is very similar to the show in America, Iron Chef. The competition lasted one and a half months. The competition consisted of group work, individual work and a creative challenge. The highlight of his competition was a breakfast dish. This dish involved eggs, ham and bacon with a side of fruit with whip cream. After the month and a half, Juan finished in 3rd place overall. What would bring a high school student who has accomplished a lot to JKCP? 

To learn more about Juan's time on Master Chef Jr. Check out his video!


Juan was looking for a summer camp with variety. Most importantly he wanted to come to America. In the winter he was looking for all these features in a summer camp, so like everyone does when looking for something, Juan searched on the web and found Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. After some time deciding on his summer, Juan made the decision to join the JKCP Enrichment program at Villanova University for three weeks during the summer of 2014.


In his three weeks, Juan took a variety of classes that is hard to find anywhere else. In his first week, Juan enrolled in a Video Game History and Stock Market Trading class. During the video games class he learned about the history of video games, from the start to where we are today. The Stock Market Trading class taught students about investing long term, building a portfolio and understanding the market. Juan has always had an interest in business and that is what attracked him to not only stock market trading but also in his second week completing the Business course. In this Business class, Juan presented a business project in which he tried to IPO the company Spotify. In this project he would have made $100 Million if this was a real business plan. In the afternoons during his second week, Juan took the Engineering and Robotics course. In this class students deisgn a robot and by the end of the week the robot will work on its own. Not only were the topics of the classes interesting to Juan but two times he took a class because of the teacher. In his third week, he took Video Game History because of the teacher. This week was a little different than the first week for him. He learned about the history of video game characters this time around. Also in the third week he took the Physics course that is offered. In this course students would test theories with an experiement and see the results. The highlight experiment was measuring the distance a marble would travel from a gauss riffle. 


After his three weeks, Juan feels as though he has taken a lot from his summer at JKCP. Not only did he take a wide range of classes but he also met a diverse group of people. The different floor challenges would put Juan and the other students to work as a group at times. Along with living with a diverse group of students and counselors. 



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