From JKCP Summer Camp to Designing for Nike: Student Spotlight with Jackson Lee

Posted by Brenda Kristich on Jan 9, 2014 2:08:24 PM

When it comes to Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, Jackson Lee has pretty much done it all over his six summers. From tennis to cooking, to DJ’ing, to art, and more, Jackson has been with the program long enough to attend multiple programs. He now embarks on the camp’s latest location at Villanova University. JKCP prides itself on the diverse selection of classes offered to students, and in the case of Jackson, it made all the difference. This 16 year old, was able to explore and develop some interest of his through JKCP and turn them into a dream professional career. Jackson is now working with sports juggernaut Nike.

At Enrichment, there are over 30 classes to choose from each week and Jackson had little hesitation diving into drawing classes, art classes, and design and sculpting classes, just some of the options he found interesting at JKCP. He loved the creative freedom that he had along with the exposure to new kinds of art. He then wasted little time deciding to take his passion for creating works of original art to a professional level. Jackson began working with Nike at the age of 13 designing and helping with ideas for new shoe designs.

The opportunity to work with such an esteemed company such as Nike was a great experience for Jackson, who says, “It’s been really cool. I definitely think that camp helped with playing around with some concepts and even some of the drawing skills I used with Nike.”

While the young creative mind has worked with Nike, his ambition is not phased. “I want to start a creative agency. Fashion, music, movies, photography and have it all under one company. That’s what I’m trying to start with some of my friends.”

And what would summer camp be without making new friends either? “I met one of my best friends here my second year as a student and am good friends with most of the kids I have met here. There were a few of us that have been coming here together for like 3 or 4 years now,” says Jackson. “We’ve really stayed in touch.”

Although Jackson learned valuable skills from classes and loves coming back to JKCP each summer, he was not always so passionate, and at first was even quite skeptical about taking classes over summer. “I thought I was going to be sitting in class taking notes and having the teacher lecture to us but no class is like that at all. I think my first year I even brought a notebook and pens and pencils because I thought it would be like that,” recalls Jackson.

Alas JKCP is no regular summer camp, as Jackson would soon find out. “You really do your own thing here; you have a lot of freedom. You chose your schedule, if you want to do cooking in the morning and art in the afternoon, you can.”

While Jackson has been able to even take some of his interests explored here at JKCP and turn them into professional endeavors, with Nike, the 16-year-old has some advice for anyone on their way to JKCP, “Put your phone down. Enjoy it here, you control the amount of fun you want to have here. There are always things going on so it’s easy to get involved.”

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