Four Reasons Why Philadelphia is a Great City for Teens in the Summer

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Mar 20, 2014 1:21:00 PM

Recently, the Huffington Post published the 31 Reasons Why Philadelphia is the Most Underrated City in America. While this article focused on all ages, we decided to pare it down to what matters to JKCP teens. These are the four reasons why Philadelphia is a great city for teens in the summer:


1. The. Food. Is. Great!


Enough fine restaurants to feed you for years at a different one each night!

And this is my favorite place to eat lunch in the entire city:


Reading Terminal Market on 12th and Arch

Here at JKCP, we pride ourselves on the choice that our kids and teens have when it comes to choosing what they do every day. This popular visit helps us drive that point home. This is one of the largest food markets in the world, but this is not your traditional market. Here you can find great Jewish deli, incredible BBQ, delicious desserts, ethnic food, sandwiches, supermarkets and more, all under one roof. Just like Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, people from all over the world converge upon Reading Terminal Market on a daily basis. And in case this isnt enough...

Take your pick, Which Cheesesteak do you like best?

Let's start with (or wit, if you're used to ordering cheesesteaks) the basics! Philly is home to many of the "best" cheesesteak shops in the world. Which one actually is the best depends on who you ask. Between Pat's, Geno's, Tony Lukes, John's Roast Pork or my personal favorite, Jim's Steaks, you can't go wrong with one of these heartwarming sandwiches.


Philly Pretzels are best served from a shopping cart

or the most recent addition, opening before this summer right near Penn's campus (walkable distance for those attending any of our pre-college programs)...


Chef Michael Solomonov serves fresh donuts and fried chicken every day


2. Sports

Eagles fans chant before a game in 2013

Philly is known for what you see above, but what we spend a of time thinking about is how being in one of the largest sports markets in the US effects business. The Wharton Sports Business Academy works hard for four weeks to expose nearly 100 high school students to the world of Sports Business, and their couldn't be a better backdrop. Whether you like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer - at either the college level or professional, Philly is home of big sports business. JKCP also offers internships in Sports Business! If you are interested in learning more about opportunities to work in the Philly sports world, check out our internships web page.


3. Arts

Whether you are a part of the Art and Architecture program at the UPenn School of Design, or at Enrichment and taking art courses, Philly is a great place to study all kinds of art.

The front yard of the Barnes Museum

Philly's famous Art Museum

No matter what kind of art you like, or what type of museums you prefer to visit, Philly has them all.

A local art collection


4. History

Philadelphia is where our Nation began

Everyone knows that Philly is the birthplace of American History. Students who spend their summer with JKCP at one of our programs at UPenn will be just a short distance away from the very building that our Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. Walk past the grave of Benjamin Franklin himself. Students who are at Penn on the 4th of July will celebrate American Independence Day in the city that gave that day it's name. We could go on and on about all of the museums that tell the story of our nation's existence, but if we know teens (and we do know teens), the coolest part of a summer program in Philadelphia is walking the streets that make it a modern super-city! The skyline is beautiful and the shopping is top of its class. Not to mention, the food in this city is incredible!

Regardless of what kind of traveler you are, Philadelphia has just as much to offer as any other city in America - maybe more! Don't take it from me, find out for yourself! Check us out at and find out how you can combine a summer in my favorite city in the US with an incredible learning experience like one of our pre-college programs, an internship or even our Enrichment program.


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