Five Tips for Choosing the Right Racquet

Posted by Jamie Calvario on Mar 18, 2014 1:20:00 PM

By Punch Maleka, Tennis Professional 

  1. Racquet: First, choose the correct frame weight. Too light means you will have to swing harder to generate the same power or swing weight of a heavier racquet, which puts strain on your arm.  Too heavy means there will be less maneuverability and control, which also strains wrists, arms and shoulders.  Pick the racquet according to your size, strength and style of play.
  2. Strings:  Strings range from flexible to less flexible.  There is a string for everyone. Flexible strings lack durability but rate high on feel and comfort, which are recommended for players with arm problems and players who play less frequently. Less flexible strings are more durable and are recommended for advanced and physically stronger players.
  3. Tension:  Lower tension means more power. This tension creates a trampoline effect on the ball that will throw the ball forward.  Higher tension means more control.  Choose your tension according to your playing style, swing speed and strength, but remember the higher the tension, the more strain a player will feel.
  4. For Advanced Players:  At a certain skill level, players look to get more out of their racquet. Ways to go about this are, changing the weight and swing balance by strategically adding weight to the racquet.  Almost every single professional player has their equipment altered to fit their specifications, which refers to their strength, swing speed and style of play.
  5. Consult a Pro!  In the end, your tennis pro will be your best consultant when choosing what racquet tension, and strings will suit your playing style and level.

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