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Posted by Brenda Ronan on Jul 10, 2019 12:32:00 PM

Job Exploration in Fashion Design

From fashion stylist, visual merchandiser, fashion journalist, fashion photographer, illustrator, trend forecaster and so many more - the number and variety of jobs in the fashion industry will leave any fashion lover with plenty of careers to dream of. But if you are in middle or high school and fashion interests you, you might not know where to start! Maybe drawing and designing clothes could be your forte, or perhaps you love the idea of making your own clothing line or you could trend spot and know what the cutting edge designs are for fashion magazines.


If you are interested in getting started in fashion design, JKCP has the perfect class for you; classes are available high school students at Villanova University. The class is designed to help you explore different areas of fashion including making your own garment. We have expert teachers who have experience in the fashion industry and work with the students to help them discover his or her interests and strengths.

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Learn Fashion Design at Home

Below is a list of ways we explore fashion in the class, but we also provide tips on how you can learn at home! Fashion design is something any motivated fashion lover can explore at home. There are some supplies and resources you will need for each area you want to explore.


Skills Learned in Summer Fashion Design Classes

  1. Find your inspiration - If you are interested in fashion, you might already be doing this part. Find inspiration from everywhere: fashion magazines, runway shows, even watching red carpet events. By doing this you can trend spot and see how fashion changes from season to season, learn about designers and how collections are curated and find out what sparks your interest. The designers at JKCP work with students to discuss different areas of fashion and help students discover to which they are most drawn. 
  2. Study the Business of Fashion - As you probably already know, fashion is a huge industry. There is a whole business behind everything that happens in fashion and understanding how things are made. Discover the industry from haute couture to ready-to-wear to mass markets. Get the buzz from the runway with our insider experts.
  3. Design Concepts - Learn the elements of structure, color and fabric selection. This step is a lot about design theory. Which colors will complement each other and the person wearing the garment? How to design clothes for different purposes like every-day-wear or wedding dresses, understanding how to structure your garment appropriately for the niche you are working on. At the JKCP Fashion class, our instructors have years of experience working in different fashion industries - from costume design to their own fashion lines. Our instructors love customizing their instructions to suit the interests of the students each week.
  4. Illustration Skills - Being an artist and having a creative personality is definitely part of being successful in the fashion industry. Being able to imagine a garment and recreate it on paper is a skill in itself. This is a great and fun activity you can practice at home. You can even look online on how to draw fashion figures for more details on how to get your drawings more proportional and professional looking. During the fashion design class at JKCP, our instructors can give more guidance on how to improve your drawing skills. These sketches are great to start practicing so you can create ones that you can use in your fashion portfolio some day.
  5. Fashion_33-1Hone Your Sewing Skills - Explore your inspiration, get outside the box and create your own pieces. Before you can start designing and creating fashion for other people, you will probably want to start by designing clothes for yourself. You can start using body forms, using or making sewing patterns and working with different fabrics. Part of designing fashion is understanding clothes and which fabric will work for what purpose. This is also something you can work on at home if you have a sewing machine and can get to a fabric store. Seeing and touching different fabrics can help you understand the differences. There is a huge range of fabrics out there and some are much easier to work with than others. At the fashion design class, we have a plethora of different fabrics and our instructors will help students find which are the most appropriate for the project and the student's skill level. 
  6. Start creating a portfolio - Keep anything you have ever worked on, whether that is your illustrations or physical pieces you have made. If you want to get into fashion as a career or attend a fashion design school, you should keep anything you work on for your portfolio. Take high-quality photos of everything you make and you will be more ready when the time comes to apply to internships or design school.

About Enrichment - Fashion Design Classes for High Schoolers


JKCP's summer camp for high schoolers is designed to help students find something they love. There are over 30 classes students can choose from each week at Villanova University. There are dozens of combinations to create a completely unique summer. Learn more about our the Fashion Design Class here.

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