Fall Guide to Get Ready for Summer Programs

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Oct 23, 2015 9:51:59 AM


Start searching now for 2016 summer programs for teensSweater weather is in full swing! Soon, we should expect (oh no, please don’t say that word) SNOW! If you dread the colder months, you might think of any way to escape it. So, let’s fast-forward to the idea of summer! While you are naturally thinking about your children’s grades, what they are going to eat for dinner and other more pressing matters, camps and summer programs for teens are going through one of the most important parts of their year – the opening of registration! This is the time of the year when summer programs are looking to fill as many spots as possible, open their programs to new and existing students and early bird discounts! Believe it or not, this is also the best time of the year for you to register. You get the best deals, you have the best chance of securing a space in more sought after programs, you earn first pick at classes, and you will have the peace of mind that you have accomplished something that many families wait until last minute to do.

Top Ways to Start Exploring Summer Programs for Teens Before the Early Bird Deadlines End:

  • Figure out what type of summer camp you are looking for – What classes are your children taking this year? Subsequently, what classes are they taking next year? What must you accomplish in order to prepare them academically for the year to come? What extracurricular activities (sports, clubs, etc.) do they partake in? It is important to discuss their goals in all of these areas as you begin the search for a summer program. If you can find a summer program that will aid your children in achieving these goals, that will provide them with the most productive summer imaginable.
  • Do research about what is available: There are many choices within each category of camps and summer programs for teens. Each option will have aspects you love and will create questions about how they teach, supervise and what their program is like. Learning the ins and outs of the programs you are interested in pursuing will make your decision easier down the line. 
  • Pick up the phone: With everything online today, it sometimes feels very impersonal. Look for a “human touch.” When you purchase a session at a teen summer camp, or program, you are investing in a relationship with that program. So, to determine the type of relationship, it is best to speak to a representative at the program. Key indicators of what type of experience you’ll have is: their level of knowledge about their program as well as other competition, the way they speak with you and their ability to help find a conclusion to a problem.
  • Ask about a deal– This time of year, there should be an early bird special at almost every camp or summer program. While you are on the phone, ask about their early bird rates and what discounts they offer for early registration. This could save you a fortune! Seriously, take advantage of the fall season while you can!
How do you plan your child's summer?


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