Facing A College Rejection Letter

Posted by Natalie Martin on Oct 21, 2016 11:14:55 AM

You’ve been waiting weeks for any and all postage from colleges. collegerejection.jpgYou check the mailbox every day. You even learned the mailman’s schedule so you can personally run out to the mail truck. You hear your friend’s acceptance letters slowly starting to trickle in and you wonder, “Where the heck are mine?” You pray that when the mail does come, that you get “The Big Envelope”. Everyone knows that being rejected from a college means you’ll receive a smaller sized envelope.                                                                                               Picture Source:

The day comes! You receive a letter addressed in your name from a college you applied to. But…it can’t be! It’s one of those dreaded smaller envelopes you heard about. Your mind starts to race when you break the seal. You read the words “After much consideration, I regret to inform you…” You wipe away a tear staring to form in the corner of your eye.  The word “rejection” hits hard.

 Rejection happens. It’s a part of life every single person will face. Is it fun? No. Is it easy? Nope. But rejection is a necessary evil that has to happen in life. Not everyone can take part in everything. Pro tip: rejection won’t start and stop at college either. Rejection will rear its ugly face in many ways like when applying for jobs, trying out for a sports team, or even dating.

How one handles rejection will vary from person to person. Some need to cry it out; others need to go on a five-mile scenic run. Handle the process however feels best as long as it is healthy. Need more? Keep reading for some tips from the pros.

  1. Being rejected does not mean you’re not good enough

Colleges have a limit to how many students they can accept each academic year. Naturally, some (thousand) applicants will receive the same letter as you. You’re not alone. You will find another school that will meet your college needs. And if it doesn’t, gain some college credit then reapply and transfer in. If there’s a will, there’s a way!

  1. You’re not the first person to be rejected from college

Many famous people have been rejected from college as well. For example, Steven Spielberg was rejected from the University of Southern California School of Cinema Arts. He then attended California State University Long Beach and went on to win over 100 awards, including three Oscars. Pretty impressive huh? Katie Couric was rejected from Smith College. She decided to attend the University of Virginia and is now one of the most well known female journalists in the United States. Even when adversity strikes, keep going. Pursue your goals one way or another.

  1. Consider the rejection as the right choice

 If you were not accepted, it might reflect more on the school than you. Schools tend to have unique personalities with certain student “personas.” Admissions know what type of student will fit well within the institutions they recruit for. Admissions does take a student’s personality into serious consideration when deliberating the application.

  1. Apply to enough schools

 It is ultimately up to you how many schools you want to send an application to. However, it is highly suggested to apply to more than five. Have some safety schools as well as reach schools. Be realistic with yourself. If you do not have the grades to apply to Ivy Leagues, DO NOT only apply to those types of schools. Preparing yourself with enough options will make that one little rejection look tiny compared to the other four acceptances.

All in all, do not dwell over a rejection letter. A better opportunity is waiting around the corner. Good luck on applications and let JKCP know where you plan on attending next fall!

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