Experience Summer Camp at Yale University - Are you Ready for an Ivy League University?

Posted by Alex McLoughlin on Nov 20, 2018 2:33:00 PM

Prospecting institutions of higher education can be an intimidating experience for any high school student. Those who may have spent only a limited time away from home and are now considering their first adventure in another state—perhaps another country—often find it daunting, to say the least.

Factor in the potential culture shock connected with studying at any of the more illustrious, well-known colleges and universities, and the prospect can even seem terrifying.

Well, there's no longer any need for students to be intimidated when considering an Ivy League school. Through a session of Summer Camp at Yale University, students can learn firsthand exactly what it's like to live and learn at an Ivy League institution.

Summer Camp at Yale University is a program through which students get a taste of what it will be like to take classes, interact with professors, and efficiently organize their academic and social lives at Yale. Included in this experience are many opportunities for students to become energized academically in the summer following their senior year of high school.

Sponsored by Yale University, the Yale Summer Academy  is a comprehensive academic experience for high school students, and is intended to help develop the next generation of top thinkers and influencers. It is a highly sought-after program wherein students spend two weeks applying reasoning and interdisciplinary knowledge to goal-oriented planning.

During the Summer Camp at Yale University program, students will encounter:

  • an "enrichment style" approach which allows students to explore a variety of classes including economics, environmental science, politics, and technology. This can be extremely helpful in determining a major, an area in which many students struggle.
  • professors and graduate students, who can function as effective advisors and mentors.
  • chances to participate in evening activities and weekend trips.
  • students from all around the world!

Academic enrichment classes are included during the program; these impart all of the reasoning, rationale and topic-related knowledge students will need while attending Yale after acceptance. This is designed to help students emerge with a more well-defined sense of the world and its relationship to their own strengths and skills. Daily “Explore Yale” breakout sessions acquaint students with the university's iconic museums, libraries and landmarks.

Throughout the program, students work in supervised groups and focus on either social, local or global issues, after which they work together to develop a fully-executed plan for solving a particular problem. At the end of the program, there is a social entrepreneurship-focused initiative held at the Program Symposium on the university campus, and which is open to family and friends.

All courses are instructed by Yale University graduate students; this provides students with relevant and experienced instruction that engenders a high level of interest, advances reasoning capabilities and hones group skills. Students come away with an intellectual and academic advantage, new friendships, and a clear picture of what will be expected of them in a university setting.

It has been proven that the best way to familiarize oneself with a new culture is through immersion. After participating in the Summer Camp at Yale University program, not only is the intimidation factor rendered academic (no pun intended), but students are prepared to excel right out of the gate!

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