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Posted by Jamie Calvario on May 12, 2014 11:00:00 AM

The following post is from  the view point of camper Brett Koolik.

If you thought the Daytime activities were fun, then wait till you hear about JKCP’s evening activities. JKCP offers a variety of Night activities that can be on or off campus! Here are some of my favorites:


Movies: The movies are super fun and you can choose any movie you want from the list. But make sure to bring money for popcorn, candy and refreshments. So don’t worry about not being able to see those awesome summer movies because you’ll always be able to see them during camp.


King of Prussia Mall: The mall is huge! It’s the largest shopping mall in America. There are tons of cool stores as well as amazing food from the food court or stands. After you eat, you can walk around for a couple hours and go to any stores you want! The only thing is that you have to check in at a certain time with your counselors. After that, you can go back out again and have a blast with your friends. 


July 4th Fireworks: If you are lucky enough to be here on July 4th, it is so much fun! You’ll be taken to a local school to watch the amazing fireworks show. There’s food, drinks, games, and tons of space to run and hang with your friends before the fireworks start.


Casino Night: Casino night is one of my favorite evening activities. You can get all dressed up and put on your poker face. You’ll be given poker chips when you enter and there will be a ton of casino game as well as food! Oh and the best part is that the person or group with the most chips at the end wins a prize like:

  • Golf cart ride to lunch
  • Trip to Wawa
  • Breakfast with Julian
  • Pizza


Dance Parties: Dance parties are super fun and usually last around an hour. The DJ will play all of your favorite songs and all of the popular dance music.


Carnival: The carnival is usually held at nearby Haverford College. You’ll take buses after dinner to get there. At the carnival, there are so many games like: pie your counselor, basketball shoot out, football shoot out, bounce houses, and lotteries!


Talent Shows: The talent shows are usually in the middle of the week. You’ll see all of your friends show-case their amazing skills. Sometimes, it might get competitive and your floor (“bunk”) will have to come up with a dance, song or talent act to compete with the other teams. Prizes range from off campus eating, order in pizza that night, or even cut the line at the dining hall.


Karaoke night: A fun competition between floors where you can sing to your favorite artists.


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