Equipping Generation Z For An Entrepreneurial Future

Posted by Steve Robertson on Jun 6, 2018 9:35:23 AM

business_photoSmall businesses are the backbone of the modern economy, and today’s youngest generation has noticed. Studies of Generation Z reveal a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Furthermore, Gen Zers’ parents are encouraging skill development that’s important for entrepreneurship. More than half of high schoolers report that their parents are pushing them to get professional experience outside the classroom. Having real-world experiences early on can better prepare you to establish and run your own business later.

There are many skills and qualities that are required to thrive as an entrepreneur, including communication, financial management, strategy development, and relationship-buildingskills. Generation Z’s business-owning hopefuls shouldn’t kid themselves — becoming an entrepreneur is pursuing a difficult path. Luckily, various educational programs and resources can help provide Gen Z’s prospective founders with the knowledge, experience, and motivation they need to be successful.

Campers Are Creating Business Pitches

Summer camps have been around for years, and the best ones prove to be the highlight of many young people’s lives. Educational summer camps and programs now allow young people to explore entrepreneurial or academic programs they don’t have time for during the busy school year.

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs, for example, offers a two-week immersive business school experience on a college campus, where students are able to work with mentors and attend lectures and workshops. Participants also learn the ins and outs of developing their own personal brand, and they get to participate in a challenge similar to “Shark Tank,” where they deliver a sales pitch to potential “investors.”

Camps provide young people with the opportunity to explore various topics and determine whether they’re truly interested in them before they commit to pursuing them as a career. Plus, camp experiences are great to add to résumés or discuss in job interviews.

University Entrepreneurship Programs Are Providing Mentors and Connections

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