3 Secrets to Creating a Great College Soccer Recruiting Video

Posted by JKCP on May 14, 2019 7:07:00 AM

There always seems to be a raging debate as to what a recruitment video needs to include and if college soccer coaches will even take the time to watch it. If you are fortunate enough to have a coach come watch you play or see you at a soccer college showcase camp, your video is a supplement to add to your resume and remind them of who you are.

soccer recruiting video

If this video is the first time they are seeing you play soccer, it is an even bigger part of your recruitment resume. Soccer coaches who are recruiting athletes are bombarded from every possible angle and each coach has their own unique approach. Your focus should be on the components of the process that you can control and your recruitment video is certainly one of those aspects. 

1. Your college soccer video needs tell your story well.

Let's begin with the obvious, do your homework on the University or College and understand the teams' unique personality. It will be important to show that you understand this and present your video in a way that is consistent with the team’s culture. It is critical that you map out what you want to show, what story you plan to tell and how you plan to go about doing that. 

2. The video quality is important and as such choose equipment that is appropriate.

Keep the video short and remember that this is not a creative and artistic endeavor. The purpose of the video is to give the coach a chance to see your skills and abilities and get a feel for both your work ethic and for you as a person. In your attempt to keep it short, focus on what is important for the coach to see - and show only that. The chances are that the coach has many videos to review, and they will appreciate you being concise and to the point. You can also use editing software to show who you are in each clip; don't make the coach guess which player is you!

3. Understanding what the college coach wants to see is really important.

Your ball skills for example would be really important to show and you should think about ways to show them. You should show clips of you in a match/game situations and try to show specific situations that highlight your skills and work ethic.

Your weight room, workout, training regiment is also important to document briefly and this may be a good opportunity to show a little more of your personality. Having said that, remember your personality, motivation and drive are all important parts as a coach is deciding whether or not you will be a good addition to their team. It is important to be deliberate to weave that into your video.

Remember, coaches are busy and a thoughtfully well put together video can really help your chances of being noticed and ultimately recruited, so take the time to do it well.

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