College Essay Writing The Story Of Dante At JKCP

Posted by Jamie Calvario on Jan 20, 2015 7:00:00 AM

Dante_College_EssayWhat if I told you that if you are entering your Junior year of high school and could already have your college essay for the common app complete? That is exactly what Dante Fruncillo did this past summer at JKCP. During his five weeks at enrichment at Villanova, Dante spent time in various academic courses including Writing College Admission. 


Dante is from Newtown Square,PA and is currently a Junior at Marple Newtown High School. What brought him to Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs this summer was originally his interest in the Internship program. At the time he did not meet the age requirement for the internship program. During his five weeks at JKCP, Dante spent the first two weeks as a day student then his final weeks he spent as a residnetial student. He said he wanted to experience what residential life was like for one week. He also states that he prefers residential life over being a day student.



As stated earlier, Dante was able to complete his common app essay. In his first week at JKCP he was enrolled in the Writing for College Admission course. Once he decided what question he was going to answer, the work began. Each day Dante and his teacher would work on a different part of the essay. Each part was hand written on its own piece of paper. Once each part was complete, Dante then wrote it all together and a long piece of paper as seen in the picture above. At the end of the week Dante typed the essay and it was officially complete. Dante aspires to study environmental science and continue is education in Law School.


Aside from Writing College Admission, Dante also took Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Physics during his five weeks. Biology, Chemistry and Physics consisted of various experiements in their respective field. The psychology course was studying human behavior, memory and human relationships. 


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