Celebrity Chefs Reveal the One Food They Won’t Eat!

Posted by Tina Krinsky on Jan 27, 2020 12:59:03 PM

It’s OK to dislike a food as long as you have tried it and form your own opinion.

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Cilantro, Durian, Guava, Truffle Oil…..where do you stand?


Ina Garten: Cilantro

The Barefoot Contessa has a strong stance on the world’s most controversial herb, cilantro. “I just can’t stand it,” she told PEOPLE during her book tour in January. 

Guy Fieri: Eggs

The Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives host has a well-documented aversion to eggs, which came about after a particularly jarring experience he had as a 10-year-old.

Martha Stewart: Truffle Oil

The Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party star insists there aren’t many things she can’t stand. “I eat everything. I actually love food, so I’m always trying new things.” But there is one ingredient Stewart won’t go for. “I hate truffle oil. It’s horrible and horrible for you. It’s made out of chemicals, and it’s not pure truffles.”

Bobby Flay: Durian

The Beat Bobby Flay star is no fan of durian—a southeast Asian fruit notorious for its strong stench. “It’s awful; I don’t want to be around it.”

Anne Burrell: Salmon and Blue Cheese

“A lot of people laugh at me because they’re like, ‘you’re a chef and you don’t like so much food,'” Burrell said at the opening of her Cheetos pop-up restaurant in NYC. “I don’t like salmon. I don’t like blue cheese. I can taste both of them and understand if the dish is prepared well, but I will never sit down and eat salmon. Ever. I wish I liked it. I mean, it’s good for you.”

Giada De Laurentiis: Coconut

No piña coladas for the Food Network Star judge! “I don’t like coconut,” she tells PEOPLE. “I may have one coconut recipe in all the recipes I’ve ever written.” De Laurentiis also has a deep hatred for green peppers. “I don’t like the flavor or the look. No green peppers will ever be found in any of my recipes.”

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