Camp That Fits Your Schedule: Extended Day Program

Posted by Steve Robertson on Jan 29, 2016 4:07:30 PM

Day_Camp.jpgOne of the major problems with camps and summer programs are that it is tough to make your schedule work for the program's schedule. Maybe its the drop-off time, the pickup time, or something else entirely, but it is genuinely difficult to work out the logistics, even if you only have one child. Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs has the answer to this age-old dilemma. 

While an average day of camp ends around 4:00pm, JKCP's Extended Day program allows students to stay through dinner and the evening activity. This is great for so many reasons - let me tell you why...

1. Friends: This is the closest a student can get to being a part of the residential experience without actually sleeping on campus. This means more social time with other incredible students from all over the world. 

2. Students are Never Bored: Our schedule is packed with amazing activities for our residential students and your child can be a part of it all. After their regular daily schedule of classes and lunch, they will have some time to hang out, play games and explore our amazing campus with their fellow students. Dinner in our dining hall with everyone is a part of the fun too. After dinner, students participate in one of our world-class evening activities. These activities are both on and off campus. An on-campus activity might include a scavenger hunt, game show, team competition and more. Off campus, we go to the bowling alley, movie theater, malls, baseball games and more. 

3. Evening Pickup: The most convenient part of this whole program is the fact that you don't have to finish your day early to pick up the kids. Your kids can enjoy a great, full day with their friends, eat an amazing lunch and dinner and head home tired and ready to do it all over again tomorrow. This is a great option to balance your job with your child's summer vacation. 

Camps and summer programs are irreplaceable experiences that change the lives of the students that participate in them. They, quite literally, make better people. What better way could there be to spend a summer than with other incredible students from all over the world. We've always been here to provide that experience for your children. The only difference is that now, you don't have to worry about how it fits into your day. 

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