All New Summer Business School: Two-Week Intensive for Everyday Moguls

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Feb 24, 2015 11:28:29 AM

Julian Krinsky Business SchoolFor years, JKCP has been offering 2.5 hour weekly classes in various business related subjects. From Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Stock Market Trading and more,, these classes have been among our most popular offerings, giving students a chance to learn what it takes to make it in the "business world." While these classes are an incredible introduction to key business concepts, our students helped us identify a need for a "next step" and it has finally arrived.

 For the first time, in 2015, JKCP is launching the Julian Krinsky Business School, a two week intensive program for high school students. Throughout the program, students will explore management and strategy, financial decision making, marketing, business law, investment strategy, business etiquette and economic trends in a way that High School students have never done before! Through classroom learning, competitions and trips, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the best. Activities include:

  • Stock Investing Challenge
  • Create an App Competition
  • Guest Speakers and Panels
  • College Campus Tours, Field Trips and College Preparation Tracks
  • Shark Tank Competition
  • Mock Interview Practice

This isn't your everyday business class. Nowhere else can high school students come together with other students from all over the world for a two-week business seminar that allows for global networking and learning at the same time. A student from the United States can learn next to a French student and come up with the next product connecting the two cultures. A Brazilian student can develop an app with a Chinese student that will change the way the two countries do business together for the next century.

 What makes this program even better is that, when class ends for the day, students enjoy the legendary experience that Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs has offered for almost 40 years. JKCP offers a completely customizable experience day in and day out, with on- and off-campus evening programming, weekend trips, customizable dining plans and more! The key word is choice! It's all up to you when you spend a summer with JKCP! To learn more about the Julian Krinsky Business School, click the button below or call us today!

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