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Posted by Arvind Aravindhan on Apr 9, 2018 9:42:00 AM

According to the latest statistics report from Tennis Industry Association (TIA), there are nearly 18 million tennis players in the US, and nearly 4 million of them are kids and teenagers. Active participation of youth in this kind of sport can contribute to the future of tennis in the US, and to the individual success of high school and youth tennis players themselves.

So if your child or teen loves tennis, you should seek to support them as much as you can. One of the ways to encourage your kid’s hobby is to send them to summer tennis camps or a junior tennis program. In this post, we will highlight the most remarkable benefits of such camps.

tennis camp for kids

These are the top reasons to try out youth tennis camp:

Physical fitness

As with any other sport, tennis keeps its players fit. It builds muscles in the entire body, head to toes, and that’s exactly what a young and growing kid needs. Besides, tennis builds motor skills, as it improves hand-eye coordination and left-right integration.

So summer tennis camps and programs are the best place for such comprehensive training. The camps provide dedicated programs, during which the kids will be constantly engaged in the sport, not watching highlights on their phones or hanging out on social networks. They will be learning to improve in a game they love.

JKCP offers residential and day tennis programs for kids and teens in the Philadelphia area that are supported by Nike. Feel free to choose a program that suits your child’s  age, whether that be tennis for young players 10 and under, middle school tennis, or high school tennis.

Psychological fitness and resilience

Tennis is a competitive sport and poses a lot of challenges, which are in many ways similar to the challenges of adult life. During the youth tennis lessons, children and teens learn how to deal  with both victory and loss, because it is impossible to win all the time.

They also learn to concentrate for long periods at a time, control their emotions, and be patient. They learn from their own mistakes and steadily improve over time. All of these skills are useful not only in sports, but also in other domains of life. At JKCP, we offer special difficulty levels that are aimed exactly at competitive skills: Basic Training, Tennis for Improvement, Tennis to Compete, Tennis for Tournaments, and Tennis for College. You can get an overview of those tracks under each of the individual tennis camp descriptions.

Social skills

In a youth tennis camp, your child will make a lot of new friends beyond their usual social circle, as of course they will be training together and playing in pairs. Activities such as kids tennis help children interact with people from all backgrounds, experiences, and skill levels. Many meaningful, lasting friendships emerge in tennis camps, as they have a chance to experience real, in-person communication.

kids tennis camp

Besides, events such as a junior tennis program at a summer camp will place your children in everyday social situations. Such situations can help them get ready for socialization in high school, college and beyond.

At JKCP, we have several complexity levels or “tracks” based on what you and your kids want to achieve, the highest of which is Tennis for College. So staying in a tennis camp can become a truly life changing experience for your child.

Time management skills

In a teen tennis camp, young people typically adhere to a daily routine that can help them organize themselves. It is important that the kids learn to structure their days and prioritize their routine.

Good sportsmanship and ethics

Playing doubles in summer tennis camps is a great opportunity for kids to learn good sportsmanship, when to step back, and how to play by the rules. They can also learn how to win and lose gracefully. These lessons are important beyond the tennis court.

Preparation for college

After a tennis camp, your children may feel more confident in their abilities when entering college. If they’re trying tennis for the first time, it can encourage them to try other new things. If they’re in one of the advanced tracks, they will have a leg up on collegiate competition.

In addition to these points, when it comes to applying to college, it is important not only to have good grades, but also to demonstrate active participation in extracurricular activities. Therefore, your kids can add participation in summer tennis camps to their qualifications to display some well-roundedness.

It’s just fun

Many tennis camp participants work hard and play hard. This means that your kids will be playing a lot of tennis, but they will not be playing it 24/7. They will also be exposed to other activities, such as dances, campus Olympics, traveling to the nearby attractions, and other recreational fun.

Youth tennis camp also offers the opportunity to meet kids from different backgrounds. In tennis programs like those offered at JKCP, kids come from many different cultural backgrounds and different places. Kids can learn a lot from each other, just playing a sport they all love.

Teaching Kids Tennis at JKCP

JKCP tennis programs offer the following five difficulty levels (training tracks) of youth tennis lessons:

Basic Training

If your child is completely new to tennis but would like to start playing, then the basic level would be the best option for them. During the basic training, they will be working with our expert pros in a relaxed, no-pressure atmosphere.

Tennis for Improvement

This level suits kids that already know the basics of tennis and want to improve their current skills. At JKCP tennis camps, young players can take part in weekly tournaments that will help them move forward in their tennis career.

Tennis to Compete

This level is a perfect preparation opportunity for school team players, during which they can compete with their fellow students in a team atmosphere.

tennis summer camp

Tennis for Tournaments

This level is specially designed for students who participate in USTA tournaments. During the trainings, the players will find out what is getting in their way and learn how to overcome it in order to win tournaments.

Tennis for College

This level is specially designed for students who participate in USTA tournaments and are preparing for college tennis. It is the uppermost level, so the participants should be ready for a high level of play.

Tennis Programs for Kids & Teens

At JKCP, parents and children can choose the program and the level that fit them best. As a result, the beginner players will not be under pressure and the advanced players won’t be bored by ease of lessons. In other words, everyone will get what they want and what they need.

That’s how things work at JKCP summer tennis camps. So we are happy to invite the parents who are raising young tennis stars to enroll their kids into our programs, with day and sleep away tennis camp options.

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