Balancing Your Job With Your Child's Summer Vacation

Posted by Steve Robertson on Jun 9, 2017 12:00:00 AM

unnamed-2Summer looms on the horizon. Children look forward to days in the sun and spending time with friends — while working parents wonder how they’re going to manage the schedule when there’s still business to attend to. It can be difficult to strike a balance between your child’s summer vacation and your time at work. You want to take part in activities with your child, but you have obligations at the office you can’t ignore.

What opportunities are available to your child? Where can your children go and meet new friends? Where will they be safe? Parents want worthwhile summer experiences for their children, but those can come about in many ways. There’s value in relaxing with a grandparent or the neighborhood kids, swimming, or reading a book in a hammock. But there are many weeks during summer vacation, and parents can find it overwhelming to fill in all the gaps while they’re working.


Breaking Out of the Calendar

It can be a puzzle trying to arrange varying experiences. Your child might wind up enrolled for a week at science camp, two weeks as a junior lifeguard, one week on a vacation, and off to sleepaway camp for another few weeks. Logistically, it becomes a nightmare, so it’s important to have a clear plan in place and utilize a calendar!

Many parents turn to summer camps and programs, and it’s no wonder why: The number of summer camp options and opportunities has increased significantly over the past couple of decades.

There are, of course, aspects of summer camp that parents must consider before registering their children. Sign-ups happen early, and popular camps can fill up fast — some even a year in advance. You should also be prepared for the paperwork. When signing up for a summer program, rarely does anyone take into consideration the number of forms to fill out. Even a day camp requires a variety of forms, including medical information, allergy lists, and emergency contact details. Give yourself enough time to do all this so you don’t feel too stressed.

As a working parent, you have a wealth of summer camp options — from athletic camps to academic camps and more — but they generally fall into one of two buckets: day camp, where the child attends for only a few hours each day, or sleepaway camp, where the child stays at camp overnight, usually for one week or multiple weeks.

Both help give busy working moms some much-needed relief during the summer (not to mention plenty of fun for the child), but moms must keep in mind the pros and cons of each:

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