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Posted by JKCP on Feb 22, 2019 12:24:55 PM

Today, in our evolving multimedia landscape, there has never been a higher demand for professionals with digital production skills. Now, it is needed in almost every industry. Yet, technical skills without creativity only go so far. Art: Summer at Penn’s, New Media Course, bridges this gap and allows students to grow their technical production skills. Explore and experiment with digital photography, video, sound, light, projection and installation. Then students can apply this knowledge towards a career in film, museum installation, graphic design and many more. Students will learn how to edit and publish various screening formats. They will also focus on a combination of individual and collaborative projects with access to state of the art modern equipment.


In the New Media Art Major Course, students will visit some of the University of Pennsylvania’s most prestigious and innovative facilities. They will visit PennImmersive, a library that explores the potential of virtual and augmented reality; the SIG Center for Computer Graphics, which offers a motion capture studio and a laboratory for special effects, computer graphics and animation; the Advanced Research & Innovation Lab, Penn Design’s robotics, fabrication and speculative research space; and Biorealize, a studio focused on making it possible to design with biology. We want to make sure that when it comes to navigating this new wave of technology, no stone is left unturned. By learning the ins and outs of different forms of media, students will improve their problem solving skills and learn to express themselves in a variety of art forms.

new-media-art-at-penn-summerEmily Urban, a former Art: Summer at Penn student, is a good example of how programs like New Media help students interested in pursuing Art as a major in their college studies find unique careers. At Penn, Emily majored in Fine Arts & Visual Studies, but didn’t know how she’d use her degree professionally until she began her Visual Arts thesis. Her thesis introduced her to the field of Neuroaesthetics (a scientific approach to perceptions of art) and put her in a lab where groundbreaking research is being done in Spatial Navigation, Beauty in Nature, People & Architecture, Language in Metaphors and research to help those with Alzheimers. “My Visual Studies thesis was on the Aesthetics of Bodies; how it relates to eating disorders, discrimination toward people with non-conventional body types and the evolution and history of how beauty and bodies came to be in Art History”, said Emily. “I found I was very passionate about the research being done in the lab and when offered a chance to be a part of it after graduation I jumped at the chance. It’s the only lab I know of actively researching Art & Visual Studies.”

So, if you’re interested in finding your own approach to art, look no further. Whether it is learning about and creating film, graphic design, photography, production, robotics and more, New Media is the perfect major for you.

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