Alumni Spotlight: Abby Feitler, New Doc on the Block 

Posted by Natalie Martin on Aug 11, 2016 10:17:11 AM

Abby Feitler, a rising senior at Francis W. Parker High School in Chicago, previously attended the JKCP Internship Program. She was placed at Einstein Medical Center for three weeks. Ms. Feitler has a passion for the healthcare industry and has surrounded herself with multiple exposure opportunity such as: curEinstein_.jpegrently interning at Midwest Orthopedics, volunteering with High Jump, a non-profit education organization, and Lurie Children’s Hospital, as well as traveling to Cusco, Peru for a medical mission trip. Since participating in the JKCP Internship Program, Abby has built up her resume tremendously and is preparing herself for college next year.

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Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP): Describe the Peru Medical experience that you took part in.

Abby Feitler (AF): Projects Abroad is one of the largest international volunteer abroad programs in the world. Approximately 10,000 volunteers travel abroad each year for service and internship programs. This current summer, I participated in a medical mission program in Cusco, Peru. In my position as an intern, I was required to speak Spanish at an intermediate level in order to communicate with the healthcare providers as well as the patients. I assisted in the treatment of patients and worked closely with a Peruvian doctor. I helped suture and clean wounds. In addition, I shadowed the doctor in the clinic. I shadowed him in three different areas: obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, and community outreach. One day a week, I was the designated leader in the emergency room.

JKCP: Why did you choose that medical program?

Peru_.jpegAF: I chose Projects Abroad for several reasons. First, it is a well-established program with a strong reputation for being of service to people around the world. It also allowed me to pursue my interest in medicine with hands-on experience. Additionally, it helped me to further my Spanish speaking skills, as I was immersed 24 hours a day. Lastly, Peru is a beautiful country, and I was thrilled to have the ability to work there for two weeks.

JKCP: Is it something that you would do again? Would you go to Peru again or try a different country?

AF: I would absolutely do another medical mission in Peru. I found it to be an extremely rewarding experience.

JKCP: Now let’s jump back in time and talk about your time at the JKCP Internship Program. How did you initially hear about the JKCP internship? Why did you choose to come to us?

AF: I found my JKCP internship online. I chose to pursue the internship through JKCP because it allowed me to be totally immersed in the medical field for a concentrated three-week period. I was also interested in exploring Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania.

JKCP: What about the internship made you realize you enjoyed the medical field?

AF: Since a very young age, I have had a strong interest in the medical field. The internship solidified my interest, by exposing me to fascinating experiences.

JKCP: Did taking part in the JKCP Internship Program prepare you for opportunities like Peru Medical Trip?

AF: All of my medical experiences, from my JKCP internship to my ongoing shadowing of doctors at Lurie Children’s Hospital, prepared me for Peru. The JKCP internship was a very hands-on experience, which definitely set the way for my experience in the Peruvian hospital.

JKCP: What lessons from the JKCP Internship Program do you apply in every day life?

AF: Last summer, I had the privilege of shadowing incredibly smart and passionate doctors, and I was able to learn a great deal. For me, the ability to observe them and learn from them as I listened, are valuable lessons that apply to all aspects of my life.

JKCP: Jumping forward, what are your future career and college goals?

AF: My long-term goal is to get involved in the healthcare field and ultimately, become a physician. In college, I plan to study a range of related coursework to prepare me for my future career.


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