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A Day in the Life Podcast | Steve Robertson: What's It Really Like to Be an Alternative Education Innovator?

How to Choose A Pre Med Major

Tips For Creating An Architecture Student Portfolio

Why Should You Choose a Career in Digital Marketing?

Tennis for Life

Essential Skills For Digital Marketers

Celebrity Chefs Reveal the One Food They Won’t Eat!

Test Anxiety Tips for the SAT and ACT

How to Get Into Med School

Turning a Passion for Numbers and Sports into A Career

How to Get Into College

Will Summer Programs For High School Students Get Me Into College?

How To Become An Architect

What Life Skills Can Engineering Teach High School Students?

Summer Fitness At Enrichment

How Do You Discover Your Inborn Talents and Abilities?

Why It Is Important to Understand Your Natural Talents and Abilities

Summer Art Program At Enrichment

Psychology Summer Class For High School Students

Jumpstart a Career or Lifelong Passion in Filmmaking

How Robotics Can Prepare You for a Career in Engineering

The Benefits of Learning Economics and Finance in High School

Underrated Skills Required to be a Great Video Game Designer

Saturday Trips at JKCP

All Your Questions About 3D Printing & Modeling Answered

Public Speaking Summer Program

High School Math Prep Summer Class

Intro to App Development Summer Course

Summer Photography CLASS for High Schoolers

Fashion Design Summer Course

Career Exploration for high School Students

Pre-Med Prep Summer Program

Stock Market Basics for High School Students

Why You Should Consider a Robotics Class This Summer

College Admission Guide: SAT Prep Classes

Student Spotlights: Experiencing Yale Summer Academy with Tamie & Kendra

6 Steps to Help You Decide on a College Major

3 Secrets to Creating a Great College Soccer Recruiting Video

How Do I Help My Child Make Friends at Summer Camp?

7 Ways to Prepare To Write Your College Application Essay

How to Prepare For An Internship Interview

Career Roadmap: How To Plan For a Pediatric Career

5 Tips to Summer Success

Gen Z & The Social Media Epidemic

Educational Summer Camps and How the Krinsky Classroom Experience Makes Learning Fun

What’s the Secret Ingredient to a Competitive Summer Program or College Application?

How to Get More Female Gamers Involved in Professional Esports

Art: Summer at Penn - Introducing New Media Major

How to Pursue a Sports Broadcasting Career

10 Things You'll Do This Summer at International Leadership for Social Impact

5 Things Parents Should Know About An Esports Career Path

How to Encourage Your Young Entrepreneur

How To Apply For & Win College Scholarships

How to Find a Great High School Internship and Get Real Job Experience

Experience Summer Camp at Yale University - Are you Ready for an Ivy League University?

3 Ways Cooperative Learning Can Create a Lifelong Love of Learning

How Networking at Summer Camp Can Expand Career Opportunities

Why Intrapreneurially Programs Are More Important Than Ever

How To Motivate Teenage Students To Learn in School

How Children and Technology Should Interact for Better Learning

What Is The Difference Between Coding & Programming?

What Kind of Esports Jobs & Gaming Careers Are There?

Generation Z Characteristics & Traits That Explain the Way They Learn

How To Get Better Grades in High School

There's an esports camp for kids, and yoga & nutrition are part of the package

There’s an esports summer camp for kids, and yoga and nutrition are part of the package

What College Degree Would Suit Me Best?

5 Tips To Help You Get An Athletic Scholarship

How To Become A Video Game Designer

The Differences Between High School & College

Equipping Generation Z For An Entrepreneurial Future

How Much Do Pro Gamers & Esports Players Make?

How To Apply For & Win College Scholarships

How To Get Better Grades In Middle School

The Future of Esports & Growth in Competitive Gaming

Julian Krinsky ESports Camp Announced as Official Training Camp of Philadelphia Fusion University

3 Keys to Retaining Gen Z Workers

The Importance of Science Summer Camps for Middle School Students

Why You Should Consider A STEM Summer Camp

How Pre-College Summer Programs Prep Students For The Next Step

Periodic Table of Esports

Pre-College Programs & Generation Z - All Your Questions Answered!

How To Connect With Your Tech-Obsessed Teen

The Complete Guide To ACT Classes & Prep

The Benefits of Summer Business Programs for High School Students

Kids Are Gaming, Why That's Great News

Gen Z is Making a Statement: "The Future Matters"

Three Ways Tech Is Fueling Growth in the Sports Industry

Youth Development and Summer Camp Experiences

JKCP Sibling Discount

Benefits of Tennis Camp for Kids & Teens

Career Exploration Activities for Kids & Teens

How To Prepare Your Child for High School

13 Things To Do To Prepare for College

5 Things You Might Not Know About The Gen Zers Living Under Your Roof

Gen Zers Will Succeed at Summer Camp Because They're Wired Differently

3 Secret Benefits of an Enrichment Summer Camp for Middle School Students

How to Get into Esports & Competitive Gaming

Ask Our Gen Z Expert

N3RD STREET GAMERS and JKCP launch world’s premiere eSports summer camp for summer 2018

5 Reasons an Enrichment Summer Program Is Great for Gifted Children

Millennials are Old News: What Do Gen Z Workers Want?

What is an Enrichment Summer Camp for Middle School Students and How Can it Prepare Students For High School?

JKCP 40th Anniversary


Nike Junior Golf Camps Opens New Locations at Villanova University and Haverford College in 2018

How to Raise a Gen Z Kid

Gen Z is Already Teaching Us About the Future of Business

Don't Get Your Gen Zers? 4 Ways To Meet Them in the Middle

Student Spotlight: How Summer Camp Gave Rachel Solden Confidence And Independence While Preparing For College

6 Programs to Educate and Inspire Your Gen Z Child.

Raising a Gen Zer? Here are 4 Things You Need to Know 

5 Ways to Catapult Your Company's Success With Gen Z

Julian Krinsky USTA MIddle States Hall of Fame Induction

Adventures of the Black Squirrel: From Haverford College and Beyond

Exciting Changes Being Made to Xploration for Middle School Students

4 Things Your Teen Can Do NOW to Help Them On Campus LATER

Turning Youthful Curiosity into Passion and Skill

The Confidence to Be a Serial Connector with Steve Robertson

Gen Z - Everything You Need to Know and Why

Executive After Hours: Real Conversations with Leaders

5 Ways Working Moms Can Prep Their Children For Middle School

How You Can Prep Your Children For Adult Life

Our Lives Truly Begin Outside Our Comfort Zones

Heres The Work Help Gen Z Really Needs From It's Parents

Not Your Grandfathers Summer Camp: Here’s What You Should Know About Today’s Camp Options

Balancing Your Job With Your Child's Summer Vacation

Guide to Getting Ready for Summer: June

Alumni spotlight: Nicole Harris

The Do's and Don'ts of Summer Camp Parenting

How Summer Learning Programs and the ‘Pre-Professionals’ Title Gives High Schoolers the Upper Hand

8 Life Skills Your Child Should Have Before High School

Six Things To Teach Your Kids Now

How to Help Your Children Make the Most of Their Digital Presence

1 Man, 12 Hours, 162 Holes

GTKYP - Steve

What to Do When Your Application to a Summer Program Is Denied

Guide to Getting Ready for Summer: May

Biggest Mistakes to Avoid After a Game

Tips For Transitioning From Indoor Tennis to Outdoor Tennis

Masters 2017: Sergio Garcia

Creating a Right Culture for Your Customers (and Your Team)

4 Reasons Summer Day Camp Might Be the Right Choice for Your Child

6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Pre-professional Summer Camp for Your Child

Tips That Work for the College Admissions Process!

Getting Ready for Summer: April

Most Common Mistakes MADE By An Intern Pt. 2

How to Get Involved Before High School

JKCP Cheers On Villanova and March Madness

The Mighty Middle School Transition

8 key advantages for Juniors or High School tennis players to playing doubles

Spring Break Trips That Aren’t the Beach

5 Biggest Misconceptions about Summer Camp

Get to Know Your Pro - Punch

Guide to Summer: March

Banking Basics: Managing an Account before College

RTA Spotlight: Alex Frenzel

Why Teaching Tech to Kids is Important

Parents: How to Help Kids with Homework (without Doing It for Them)

How to Make the Most of a College Visit

Get To Know Your Pro - Andrew

6 U.S. Golf Courses for Every Golfer's Bucket List

Steve Robertson Ideamensch Interview

Reasons to Consider an Academic Camp

How to Create an Art Portfolio and Make It Stand out

Alumni Spotlight: Emmy Latham

Rethink How You Play Tennis

Attn: Females - Why This Should Be YOU!

Guide to Getting Ready for Camp: February

4 Reasons To Travel With Kids

Basic Coding Terminology

JKCP Does Early Bird Pricing

How To Ask For A Recommendation Letter

Get To Know Your Pro - Devi

Getting Ready For The Golf Season

How to refocus after the “Holidaze”

Guide to Getting Ready for Summer Camp: January

2016 In Review

Gifts That Give

6 Gifts for the Golf Lover In Your Life

How To Build A Strong LinkedIn Profile

10 Great Ideas for Family Fun Night

2016 Staff Picks - Gifts For Under $25

20 Careers To Use Your Art Skills (and Make a Nice Living)

JKCP Takes On 10 And Under Tennis

7 Ways To Increase Your Creativity


5 Healthy Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Dishes

Cyber Monday - JKCP's Hottest Deals

How To Write Your First Resume

The Money Tree

Facing A College Rejection Letter

College prep: SATs 101

Disconnecting to reconnect: rebooting the family dinner

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Tennis: Which IS Better This Time of Year?

Hit the peak of your golf game virtually: Indoor Golf Simulators at Narberth

Fun Ways to Decorate with Your Camp Photos

5 Tips to Help Land That Perfect Internship

DIY For Tennis Balls Past Their Prime

Alumni Spotlight: Abby Feitler, New Doc on the Block 

Alumni Spotlight: Doctor Melinda Spicer, Ten years Later



How to Choose A College or University: Find the Right School For You and Your Future Career

How To Prep For College During Your Junior Year Of High School

How to Experience College Life Before It Begins: College Camps For High School Students

Packing For Camp Tips

Five Items That Make A Great Care Package

Pick a College That's Right For You

How To Inspire Unmotivated Students: 7 Tips to Love Learning

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Academic Enrichment Programs

A Note From Your Child's Camp Counselor

Why Should My Child Take a Mastering Minecraft Summer Course?

Residential Advisors vs. Camp Counselor – Is There Really a Difference?

Student Spotlight: Jackie Baron Experiences a Different Kind of Junior Summer Camp at Xploration

4 Things to Look for While Watching Professional Tennis

5 Rules Of Rallying In Tennis

First Female Coaches in Pro Sports, Scouting and Analytics Are The Keys to Success!

How Much Info Should I Share With My Child's Camp?

Why a Summer Art Program is Good For Your Portfolio

Pre-College Program vs. Traditional Camp: In 2016, The Choice is Harder

A New Friendship Born In Fashion Design Summer Camp

More than One Way To Get Better At Tennis

Top 5 Life Skills Learned in an International Leadership Summer Program with Model UN

High School Summer Internship In Digital Media and Graphic Design

Camp That Fits Your Schedule: Extended Day Program

Take AP Classes At JKCP's Teen Summer Programs for College Credit

The Roommate Bond | Making The Most Of A Teen Summer Camp Opportunity

Middle School CEO: Preston Ferraiulo Takes on the Entrepreneur Summer Camp

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Ryan Wagner knows what he wants in a Summer Tennis camp

College Survival Guide: Advice from a Current Student On How to Prepare for College

Being a Female in a SportS Business Summer Program

Unplug to reconnect: How to have a great real life experience

Four Factors for Choosing the Right Camp or Summer Program

Early Bird Prices

High School Summer Internship, An Unforgettable Experience

JKCP Does Cyber Monday!

JK Spotlight: a look at the summer Business Program with daniel Meadvin

JK Spotlight: Chris Meek and a look back at the summer tennis camp

Why My High School Internship Is Worth So Much More

Fall Guide to Get Ready for Summer Programs

4 Ways Summer Programs for teens Prepared Me For Adulthood

Summer's Best Spent Behind a Desk

How to Unpack Your Teen Summer Programs

How To Stay In Touch After Camp

Internship Spotlight: Lydia Kenley

5 Ways JKCP Prepares You For College

5 Tips To Make A New Friend At Camp

Congressman Boyle to Speak at JKCP International Affairs Program

A Summer Camp Advantage: Creating Relationships from Around the World

Tech Camp is Taking Over!

Rethink Tennis Camp

Getting Ready for Spring Golf

Coaching Your Children Through Life

Tennis Is Life: How to Correlate Tennis with Your Every Day Life

All New Summer Business School: Two-Week Intensive for Everyday Moguls

Inside Look: High School Medical Internship: Learning Ophthalmology

College Essay Writing The Story Of Dante At JKCP

Refer A Friend and Get Paid

Check Out JKCP on The Exponent's Website

Lock In Your Early Bird Extension

Video: JKCP 2014 A Look Back

You Work At Camp? So What Do You Do the Rest of the Year?

Exploring The Hospitality Industry with Justin Leff

The Benefits of Making International Connections

What I am Thankful For by Adrian Castelli

It's About What You Put In: Internship Spotlight of Peter Chung

National Boss's Day - Happy Birthday Julian Krinsky!

Q&A With U.S. Olympic Snowboarder - JKCP Student Ty Walker

How to Hit a Successful Volley

Internship Spotlight: Aleena Beydoun

Charity: Water - A Mission to Solve the Water Crisis

From Master Chef Jr. In Spain To A Summer At JKCP

Alumni Spotlight: Fitz Tepper Founder Of Offpeak

Philadelphia Fall Restaurant Opening

What is A World Without Strangers?

How We Raise Awareness: JKCP International Leadership for Social Impact NGO Fair

Haverford, Penn and Villanova - Forbes Top Colleges

How Summer Programs Translate to School Success

Taney Baseball Taking Philadelphia And The World By Storm

Directions For JKCP Students To Villanova By Car

A Parent's Guide To JKCP

The 2014 Day Directors At JKCP

Julian's Letter To Emma

Introducing The Residential Directors At JKCP For The 2014 Summer

A Last Minute Checklist Before Coming To JKCP

An Update On Charity Water and JKCP

Do You Want To Jump Into The Shark Tank At JKCP?

Residential Life At Penn From Emma

JKCP Was Just Named The Recommended Camp Of Jetset Magazine

How Many Hours Does It Take to Become an Expert at Something?

The Area's Coolest Camps for Healthy Kids

Why is Business Important to Middle School Students?

Summer Camp May Improve College Admissions Odds

What You'll Learn At Your First Summer Camp Away From Home

International Student Experience From Emma

Basic Golf Swing Fundamentals

It's a Place for Glee: I Learned Rock & Roll at a JKCP Summer Program

The 5 Benefits Of Attending A Pre College Summer Program

Student Spotlight: Jared Lake

7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mario Kart Wii Skills

How to Eat Well At and Near the University of Pennsylvania

Who Will You Vote for the Cover of Madden 2015?

Evening Activities From Brett Koolik

Philadelphia Locations To Cool Off In The Summer

Choosing the Right Equipment

Summer Enrichment Program Teacher Spotlight: GetFit with Joe O’Hara

Make Philadelphia the Priority on Your East Coast Journey

You Signed Up for One Thing, But You Get So Much More: 5 Take Aways from Summer Programs

Saturday Trips At JKCP From Brett Koolik

Summer Camp Sponsors Water Project

A Look At International Leadership with Social Impact with Two Students

6 Signs You May Want To Be An Engineer...

A Diverse Summer Program is a Great Summer Program

Inventions That Don't Exist... Yet!

Telling Your Story Through Summer Art Programs

Experience JKCP Before You Join Us!

JKCP: Rethink Tennis Camp

Four Reasons Why Philadelphia is a Great City for Teens in the Summer

Player Spotlight Charles Freeman

Five Tips for Choosing the Right Racquet

Tips For An Effective Warm-Up Routine

Tips to Being a Better Tennis Parent

How Architecture is Changing

JK Stories: A Normal Golf Camp Day with JK School Of Golf

JKCP and charity: water

Technology and Social Media have changed Art

JK Stories: My Weeks with Jolene

Get Back In The Swing Of It With Your Golf Swing

JK Stories: "Everything you Imagine" at Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs

Experiencing Villanova University Dorm Life

JK Stories: My First Week at JKCP Golf Camp And Why I Stayed Longer

Julian returns from the Australian Open

JKCP Spotlight: Becca Fox Starr, From Performing Arts Student to Teacher

Friends of JKCP: Tay-bandz Are Making A Difference

8 Tips for Creating an Artists Portfolio for College

From JKCP Summer Camp to Designing for Nike: Student Spotlight with Jackson Lee

10 Tips To Being An Intern!

Most Common Mistakes By An Intern

What to Expect in Your First Week of Sleepover Camp at JKCP

Staying Healthy and Balanced this Holiday Season

6 Techniques to Manage Pressure During A Tennis Match

Competitive Tennis and Pressure

10 Steps to Improving as a Tennis Player

Concentration: The Secret to Success on the Court

Using Your Head

Major Effects Smoking Has on Your Health

A Healthy Diet's Affect on Your Life

Here are 14 Backswing Drills!

Pro Tips For Staying Out of the Sand

Next Level Training: Tennis without rackets

Next Level Training: Why you don't need MORE matches?

Master the Irons: Tips from the Pros

6 Reasons Playing Tennis at Camp Made Me Better A Better Tennis Player!

Tennis Footwork Exercises Our Pros Do

The 5 components of selecting a Tennis Racquet

8 tips to consider when buying your golf clubs!

Learn the big difference between a one and a two-handed backhand

Interview with Dr. Lipschik of Penn Medicine

What Everyone Ought To Know About The Short Game

Are you a ranked Tennis player? If not, give us 5 minutes and we’ll explain how to get ranked.

Top Medical Schools in the Country

An Up Close Look at the Penn Medical Simulation Facilities

Tennis Secret Weapons

Quick Drills To Improve Your Volley

5 Reasons Why Tennis Makes You Better At Life! By Julian Krinsky

5 Reasons To Sending Your Child to Day Camp Helps With Your Taxes!

Get In Shape for Golf Camp With 5 Core Exercises For Golf

JK Spotlight: Laurent Span

GetFit: Back Up Your Workout

GetFit: Alarm Your Arms!

The Secret to Shaving Strokes Off Your Golf Handicap

JK Spotlight: Alum Jennifer Newman

GetFit: Give Your Best To Your Chest

Australian Open: Great Tournament for HEAD Tennis

GetFit: Down with Abs

JK Spotlight: Nate Cohen - 5 Years of Summer Programs

GetFit: The Dreaded Legs

Benefits of TRX

On the Green with Danie: Do you GAASP?

On the Green with Danie: Tips & Drills

A JK Memoir: Alessandra Magnetti

Doha GOALS Forum

A Thanksgiving Treat!

JKCP Spotlight: The Amen Family

Legends of the Maccabiah

On the Green with Danie: FedEx Cup Race

GetFit: Shoulder The Weight

On the Green with Danie: Golf Talk and Tips!

Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Zieky

New Courts, New Season.

Say Hello to Cellist Sophie Shao!

Preparing for Summer and Beyond!

Emma Hamm: The All Around Athlete

Be an Architect Of Your Future!

Getting to know Pianist and Program Director, Amy Yang!

Weekend Trips & Activities FAQs

Who is behind these Philadelphia Buildings?

Meet the Ballen Family! Catching Up With Josh Ballen...

Meet the Ballen Family! Catching up with Rachel Ballen...

Welcome to Masters Week!

The Buildings of Philadelphia!

Top 5 Reasons To Be On A Sports Team by Amanda!

HEAD Tennis Technologies!

Summer Weekend Trips: Adventures

JKCP & HEAD Tennis!

Summer Weekend Trips: Theme Parks

Summer Weekend Trips: The Cities

Tennis Tips From Julian Krinsky: Episode 3!

Tennis Tips from Julian Krinsky: Episode 2!

JKCP Summer Weekend Trips!

Tennis Tips from Julian Krinsky: Episode 1!

Internship Spotlight: David Hirschy

Alumni Spotlight: Hope Calder-Katz

JKCP Alumni Spotlight: Brian Smith from USM!

New Exercise for a New You!

Revamp your Thanksgiving Dinner! Post by JKCP Alum, Simon Solis-Cohen!

Journalism 2.0: Social and Digital Media

Do not do the Turkey Drop! Find Your Passion!

Bring a Friend!

Are you Physically Fit?

Golf Student Spotlight: Rachael Lassoff

Now You Can Have a JKCP Personal Touch With Your Internship!

Become a Teen Mentor!

Philadelphia: Your Attraction Distraction

Model UN Can Change Your Life!

Become a Top Fan of Julian Krinsky Camps and Programs!

Experience Now! It is Time For An Internship!

From Beijing, China to Wynnewood, Pennsylvania!

Celebrate Philadelphia Like You Live Here!

How to Celebrate Halloween Around the World!

What Everybody Ought to Know About Preparing for College!

Bring Back the Drop Shot!

Tennis Student Spotlight: Erin Bowsher

Trick or Treat Thursday

Wednesday Fun-Day

Turntable Tuesday

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