A Look At International Leadership with Social Impact with Two Students

Posted by Brenda Kristich on Apr 15, 2014 2:08:00 PM

Julian Krinsky Camps & Program is a prime example of what an International Leadership summer program should be. The International Leadership for Social Impact (ILSI) program takes a great number of diverse students, with unique native customs, perspectives, and social influences and teaches them how they can work together to achieve the common goals of creating a better world for one another and promoting peaceful relations among nations.Penn_summer_program_classroom

Students come from all over the world in this program and each have different expectations and motivation for joining the program.

“I love thinking about conflicts and the nature of them, with solutions in mind from different perspectives. In ILSI we can take an issue and look at it from different perspectives from all over.” Sejune Peck says. While Peck currently goes to school in Canada, she is from South Korea and believes that her own customs have definitely impacted the class. “For me, having an Asian perspective, but living in North America, I have different views and opinions than others in class,” says Peck.

 The program’s intent is to mesh these diverse students into working with one another and also aims at challenging them by creating realistic working conditions. “It was all about a consensus among the others. The challenge was working with a team and plans could change quickly so you needed to be able to adapt,” stated Alexandre Leroy, a student from Paris, France.

Peck too believes that it was a challenge working with others but that the effort they put in was greatly rewarding, “Everyone is involved in world affairs and politics. You realize people have different perspectives that are not so obvious. I think I grew confident in myself by meeting so many inspiring leaders at several conferences though.”

While much of the learning comes from working in groups with the diverse culture at ILSI, many students find that some of their biggest learning experiences come outside of the classroom. Leroy was rooming with a student from Asia and explains that he learned a great deal just living with the other young man. “He explained a ton about North and South Korea to me. He talked about the Asian food a lot, and we even had an Asian feast with noodles in our room.”

ILSI’s hands-on approach to problem solving and learning under realistic conditions make this program a great venture for anyone looking to maximize their abilities to work in groups, and immerse themselves in new cultures. The learning from other student’s aspect of this program makes it a great way to better refine the understanding of worldwide cultures and politics.

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