A Last Minute Checklist Before Coming To JKCP

Posted by Jamie Calvario on Jun 11, 2014 9:30:00 AM


Now that you have decided to attend JKCP this summer, you most likely have a lot going on in your brain. Wondering things such as, "what will JKCP be like?", "how many new friends will I make?" and "what will I learn in my classes?" As these kind of questions are great to consider, it would be best to start thinking of areas of JKCP that you can control. Such as making sure you have everything packed and ready to go that you need to bring for your stay at JKCP. Below is a checklist of some things to consider before you arrive at JKCP:


  •  Did you print this checklist?
  •  Do you have your transportation all set up
  •  Create a personal checklist of items you need to pack and check it with the lists JKCP provides.
  •  Did you send your travel information to JKCP?
  •  Did you pack proper photo ID?
  •  Did you pack the right amount of clothes?
  •  If you signed up for laundry service, did you submit the correct paper work?
  •  Did you pack all your linens or did you sign up for linens to be provided?
  •  If traveling via plane, does your luggage fit the proper weight limit?
  •  Did you turn in your completed and signed health form?


Along with this checklist, make sure that you double check you have everything geared up and ready to go this summer at JKCP. It only hurts you if you do not make a list of everything you need to bring.


PS. Do not forget to bring an open mind and a willingness to try new things!


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