A Diverse Summer Program is a Great Summer Program

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Apr 10, 2014 11:16:00 AM

Diverse (adj.): showing a great deal of variety; very different 

Model UN Students at UPennTo me, this word is one of the most important words in the English language. This word is what makes us all valuable. This word is what makes us all smart, thoughtful, caring, passionate, and able to contribute something meaningful to the world. At JKCP, we pride ourselves on this one word as much as any other. We often use the slogan, “Philly Roots – Global Reach.” This is because we are diverse, and let me tell you what that means to me.


Diversity, to me, means exposure to different ideals. Someone who grew up in Philadelphia will bring a different belief system than someone from Singapore. Someone from China has different life experiences than someone from France. Each part of the world and holds their own values to be important and all of them are correct in their own way. One of the most amazing things that can possibly happen is when two or more of those backgrounds come together to create one meaningful experience. That is what we do at JKCP.


Diversity, to me, means being different. We often hear that we are all the same. We are not the same, and that is what makes this world great! That is what makes our programs so great! On any given day, you can walk into one of our classrooms or activities to see diversity first hand. To see people from many countries, of many racial origins, and of all religions coming together to achieve one goal, is an incredible sight that we often take for granted in our part of the country. This achievement is normally harder to find, and in some of the places that our amazing students come from, impossible. At JKCP, that is our "normal."


Another slogan we use is “Everything You Imagine.” Imagine a world where everyone can live together in harmony. Harmony doesn’t mean we all agree, but it does mean that we all appreciate one another’s view of the world and it's differences. JKCP is a place where this is easy to imagine. Our summer programs are filled with that magic word, diversity, along with fun, achievement, friendship, learning and much more! I hope you join us this summer to be a part of something truly special.


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