7 Ways To Increase Your Creativity

Posted by Natalie Martin on Nov 30, 2016 2:16:39 PM

IMG_2004.jpgSome people are born naturally creative – constantly spewing out wild ideas that somehow magically work. Unfortunately, not everyone can be that type of person. So if you’re just an average person like me, I’m always on the hunt of how to increase my creativity.

Creativity is a skill that is surprisingly underrated but at the same time expected. It’s something that gets the ball rolling in a brainstorm session, it’s what carries out a video narrative and it’s something that can always be improved upon. Creativity in fields like art or music is incredibly valuable. Therefore, here are 7 ways to boost your creativity!

1. Listen to Music

Listening to music while you work can increase creativity and productivity. According to research, background noise, particularly in the form of music, can lead to greater creativity. Greater creativity is generated at lower volumes. Louder music can negatively impact the ability to process information and impair creativity. It is also said that classical music is the best type of music to enhance creativity and other cognitive functions.

2. Meditate

Mental blocks are the worst! Meditating and clearing your mind will promote the generation of new and organic ideas. Apps such as Headspace are great meditation tools. Power down all electronics, find a quiet space and relax! You’ll be surprised what meditation can do for the mind.

3. Look at the colors blue or green

Research shows that these two colors tend to enhance cognitive function. People associate these colors with words such as calm, serenity or nature. Blue is typically associated with the ocean or sky and green is associated with growth, health or grass. Next time you have a mental block, surround yourself with these colors.

4. Spend Time Outside

Now this could be a bit challenging during the colder months, but still give it a try! Being outside utilizes all five senses and energizes the mind and body. This type of stimulation will in turn stimulate your imagination.

5. Doodle and Daydream

I know this goes against what every teacher or employer has ever said, but trust me this actually helps. Doodling on a scrap piece of paper allows the mind to wander and create organic shapes and images. This is similar with daydreaming. Allowing your mind to reach new places enhances creativity. So basically, it’s okay to zone out every now and then, you’re just allowing yourself to be creative! 

6. Get Bored

Today, children grow up with a lot of technology that doesn’t allow them to get “bored.” When previous generations grew up, they had to use their imagination to invent fun games to play with friends. For example, I would have to create all the intricate story lines when I played with my Barbie dolls, which let my imagination run wild. Shutting down technology and sitting in once place will force your mind to create something to entertain yourself. This may look like inventing a new recipe or cleaning the house. Whatever you do to relieve boredom will force your mind to think outside the box, hence boosting creativity. 

7. Stay Positive

According to research, having a positive mood and laughing more can sometimes spur creativity. The best creative work can be done when you are in a strong positive mood. Research shows, the feeling of love or even thinking about love is shown to have the highest correlation with imagination and creativity. To get into a “positive mood”, try utilizing mood boosters. Mood boosters can be as easy as envisioning good memories, excising or laughing!

Give these tips a try and let your imagination run wild! 

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