7 Easy Ways To Improve Your Mario Kart Wii Skills

Posted by David Quintanilla on May 17, 2014 10:30:00 AM

mario-kart-wii-jpgOne of the newer programs offered at Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs is the highly anticipated video game revolution. This program offers the historical context of gaming systems as well as some great bits of gaming knowledge often unknown to general gamers. This course is not only history though, the course offers hands on gaming to a number of modern and retro game systems that will leave any gamer begging for more. We took a look at a fan favorite, Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii and looked at some quick pointers to improve your technique.

  1. Explosive start – There is no better way to take an early lead than timing an explosive start correctly. Take some time to work on timing the gas with the start of the race to launch you into first place.
  2. Items as shields – Rethink launching your items right away. Often you can hold on to them and protect yourself from some kind of shell attack from behind. This comes in handy when you have shells being fired at you or just bouncing around off walls.
  3. Use the breaks – Using the breaks can be a great way to help some new gamers. Crashing into the walls often takes away all speed compared to pumping the breaks a little before a difficult part, which will give you a little more control.
  4. First is not always best – Don’t be too worried if you are not in first place. You tend to get some really great items when you are a little further back. Use your placement as a tool to possibly stock up on good items and make your grand move towards first.
  5. Drift! – Using the drift is a huge way to keep speed going into turns. If you can master the drift it keeps your speed rather than braking and losing speed or crashing in to a wall. Mastering this gives you a huge leg up on the competition.
  6. Placement – Nothing is worse than getting hit in the grass or water and taking forever to get back to the track. Staying in the middle of the track is a great way to prevent being slowed down by the surrounding terrain.
  7. Tricks on Bikes – If you use one of the motorcycles in the game, make sure you do a trick by shaking your controller towards you when in the air. This will preform a trick and give you a speed burst that helps you almost the same as a mushroom speed blast.

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