6 Tips to Help You Find the Right Pre-professional Summer Camp for Your Child

Posted by Steve Robertson on Mar 30, 2017 9:54:35 AM

Family laughing around a good meal in kitchen.jpegThe time for summer camp is on the horizon, and many parents are forgoing general camps in favor of more specialized pre-professional summer programs.

Why pre-professional? These programs help students realize their passions. Likewise, they help kids find out what they don’t like so they can dive deeper into what does interest them.

Preprofessional programs are a great option for parents whose children are beginning to demonstrate an interest or passion in a certain subject. By working with your children to choose a specialty preprofessional summer program, you give them the chance to assert their independence in developing these interests. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to hang out with likeminded peers in a parent-approved environment.

Narrowing down a focus can also help your children get the most out of higher education when the time comes. When students already have an idea about their future careers, they can become experts and specialists in their favorite subjects, which translates to added value in the workforce.

With so many preprofessional summer options available, here’s how to narrow down the right one:

1. Know what your kids are looking for.

Start by having a conversation with your kids about their goals. This will keep you abreast of your children’s existing interests and steer the family toward the programs that will work best for your preprofessionals.

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