6 Signs You May Want To Be An Engineer...

Posted by Brett Goldenhorn on Apr 12, 2014 2:00:00 PM

Robotics and Engineering at EnrichmentRobotics and Engineering instructor Lon Leibowitz has a great knowledge of engineering, physics, and, well, just teaching kids. This instructor has his Bachelors in Engineering and a Masters in Education. Lon knows that it takes a lot to be an engineer but that it is never too early to start diving into the world of creating. While he believes any one can be an engineer, here are some signs that you may just be perfect for the field.

You can admit you are wrong:

Engineering is rarely a one and done game. Projects go through several design phases and going forward with a problem will hinder you in the long run. Being able to admit you are wrong or there is a problem gives you a huge leg up.

You like working in groups:

For engineering projects, teams are often created to design or build something. The same way that cogs work together in a tool, you often must work together in a group. Being able to set goals, hold people accountable, and working with one another, helping where others may lack is a key aspect of group projects.


How else can we innovate new structures without having someone with a grand sense of creativity? Often great innovations are joke ideas or far-fetched concepts that, with work, materialize into real things. Being able to conceptualize how something already is and thinking of how it can be better, or simply different, are always ways engineers continue to innovate new products.

Have an open mind:

Engineering projects go through many stages, and often are changed throughout each phase. Being able to have an open mind to others ideas and assignments are a big part of the field. Taking criticism constructively and using it to improve designs or ideas can be a great way to learn and improve ideas, so that you can improve projects moving forward.

Hands-On Learning:

The great thing about engineering is that you can often take concepts learned in class and apply them in the real world. People who learn best by hearing and then doing may benefit from applying concepts in hands on fashion and the visual aspects that engineering offers.
Curiosity: Have you ever seen a bridge and wondered how it holds up so much weight or seen a rollercoaster and thought about how it moves? Engineering is about asking these questions and finding out how mechanics, physics, and other principals make it possible for a roller coaster to zoom down a 70 degree drop at 80 miles per hour.

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