6 Programs to Educate and Inspire Your Gen Z Child.

Posted by Steve Robertson on Dec 1, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Two creative millenial small business owners working on social media strategy using a digital tablet while sitting in staircase.jpegGeneration Z, consisting of individuals born after 1995, is beginning to move into the spotlight now that they make up over a quarter of the U.S. population. By 2020, that number is expected to increase to a third, which means the $44 billion Gen Zers contribute to the U.S. economy annually (thanks to an average weekly allowance of around $17) is set to skyrocket.
While Generation Z suffers from the same short attention span as the rest of Americans — probably exacerbated by their preference for multitasking on five screens at once — they’re also not afraid to work to be successful. Eighty percent of high school age Gen Zers think they are more motivated than their peers, and almost three-quarters of students in that age group plan on starting their own business when they finish school.

Plans are one thing, but bringing them to life is something else entirely. In today’s competitive environment, one of the best ways to groom your kids to be successful in whatever areas interest them is with an immersive summer camp experience that they’ll remember for a lifetime. Especially for Gen Zers who might be prone to spending summer on the internet or social media, the following standout summer programs will show them what’s possible when they get out and engage with one another in the real world.

Here are just a few of the fantastic enrichment and pre-professional programs that can help kids get on the right path:

What started 40 years ago as a mission to teach aspiring young tennis players has grown into a diverse collection of day camps and overnight programs. From sports camps to immersive language programs to pre-college enrichment, JKCP has something to inspire a wide variety of ages and interests.

Students can gain valuable additions to their portfolios and college résumés at JKCP through its offered courses, not to mention making contacts and connections that often last through college and beyond. The programs and camps, held at prestigious college campuses, cover everything from sports and data science to art and architecture.

For the aspiring academic, the YYGS program is a summer enrichment program that draws students from around the world for a variety of two-week sessions at Yale’s New Haven campus or a two-week session at Yale Center Beijing. Of particular interest is the session on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship — both topics that members of Generation Z find highly relevant.

3. US Performing Arts Camp

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