5 Biggest Misconceptions about Summer Camp

Posted by Natalie Martin on Mar 9, 2017 10:00:00 AM

learning together during high school summer camp.jpegDevoting your summer to leave home and spend it at a summer camp can be a bit intimidating, but also extremely exhilarating. You’ll have the chance to be amongst peers from different states, countries, or walks of life. The idea of summer camp goes along with a few stereotypes and misconceptions. We are here to debunk these ideas!

1. “Going to camp will take up my entire summer”

While some summer programs may last for multiple weeks, many programs offer single weeks at a time. This type of model ensures a student will have time away from home on their own, as well as time closer to home with family and friends! If you wish to stay at summer camp your entire summer – go for it! But, if spending your whole summer at one camp gets in the way of other summer plans, camps, or just makes you a little nervous, you definitely have options to accommodate. 

2. “I won’t have access to my cellphone or access to the ‘outside world’”

Again, this misconception isn’t 100% true. Some traditional settings may have limited cell access purely because of location and not having great reception. Depending on your cellphone provider, you most likely will have great cellphone access almost anywhere. Another tip to keep in mind is that a many summer programs are held on a college campus or a large facility in a popular town or city! Ask your camp about their cellphone policy and coverage before registering. Although, we do encourage kids at JKCP to unplug to reconnect and have a better summer camp experience without being glued to a cell phone!

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3. “It will be hard to make friends”

Now, we can’t promise you’ll find your future bridesmaid or best man at camp without putting yourself out there, but we can promise if you attend camp with an open mindset, you will naturally meet and gravitate towards friends. However, if you find yourself closed off and unwilling to have a conversation, chances are you’ll have a harder time meeting new people. Summer camp is a precursor to college and being out on your own, embrace this time and find people with similar interests!  For 5 tips to make a friend at camp, check out this blog. 

4. “I’ll be sleeping in the wilderness with bears and other scary animals”

In a traditional summer camp setting, you may spend time by a lake or in the woods. However, the camp does a lot to ensure the safety of the students. Also, if staying in the woods isn’t your cup of tea – don’t worry! Perhaps, air conditioned dorms or apartment style living are more your taste! There are so many summer camp styles out there that you will easily find something you’ll be comfortable with. For more on this topic, check out the blog, Everything you Need to Know About Enrichment Programs

5. “I don’t think the idea of camp is for me”

This idea is something we highly stress to be completely untrue. Summer camp can be for everyone! If you have an interest or passion in something, there is definitely a summer camp out there that will cater to your needs. Don’t be afraid to get your Google Search on and truly find a camp that offers everything you’re looking for. Extremely niche specialty camps have become more and more popular! Or if you aren't sure what you want to do, you can check out an Enrichment summer camp. These types of camps are meant to give students variety and let them explore new topics.  Whether you are interested in the arts, sports, dance, technology, cooking, business, or even an internship, there is a summer camp for you!

What summer program is right for you?

Updated 1/14/2018


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