4 Things Your Teen Can Do NOW to Help Them On Campus LATER

Posted by Steve Robertson on Oct 19, 2017 8:03:00 AM


Imagine you’re a goldfish in a 10-gallon tank. You’re the master of all you survey, from the waving greenery to the faux ancient ruins. One day, you’re moved to an 80-gallon tank with far more room to swim and lots of new fish species and decorations. How would you feel?

Obviously, you’re not a goldfish. But you’re going to experience something similar when you get to college. You’ll be transported to a world quite foreign from high school. So much to explore on campus, so many people to meet, plenty of diverse cultures to investigate — and you need to be ready to dive in. Even if it’s still a few years away, your goal should be to make the high school-to-college transition as smooth as possible.

Prepping for Challenges Outside the Classroom

High school prepares college-bound students for the academic rigors of the college classroom, but it can’t fully replicate the intensity of the increased freedom of campus life.

Gone are the days of having Mom check in with you about homework every night or Dad getting you out of bed so you won’t be late for your part-time job. You’re on your own, discovering how to do your own laundry, which social events to attend, how to forge new friendships, and what to do when you’re faced with a cafeteria filled with “bad” options. And this doesn’t even address the workload or the expectations of self-responsibility.

See why the transition can get intense? That’s not to say it isn’t exciting — it really is. You just have to make sure you prepare yourself for the challenge so you keep yourself emotionally balanced and manage your time like a boss.

4 Ways Teens Can Prepare for Campus Life

1. Attend a pre-college summer program.

Most high schoolers spend summers socializing or working. However, you can get ahead of your college changeover by attending a pre-college summer camp or program that simulates the college experience by taking place on a campus. You’ll see what the environment is like and get a taste of your preferred field, major, or interests. Plus, you might even have the opportunity to earn college credit.

2. Consider an internship — they’re not just for college students.

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