4 Reasons To Travel With Kids

Posted by Natalie Martin on Jan 19, 2017 10:46:33 AM

IMG_1496.jpgTraveling is hands down one of the most mind-opening experiences one could have. Visiting historical landmarks, seeing the corners of the earth, experiencing different cultures all provide rich memories and understanding of the world outside of one’s comfort zone. Starting to travel at a younger age only enhances these benefits and promotes a lifetime of learning. Below are four reasons why young kids should travel as much as possible. 

Better grades: Did you know kids who travel tend to be smarter? A U.S. Department of Education study found that kids whom travel did better in reading, math, and general knowledge over peers who didn’t travel. This in turn will promote stronger academic performance.

Stronger family bond: If you don’t already spend 24/7 with the family, vacations take it to a new level. Families share all sorts of experiences together while traveling. From the highest points of the vacation to the lows, like losing baggage, they are there for it all giving support and a few laughs when needed. Also, funny family inside jokes and memories will be created. Like the time Dad screamed his head off in pure terror on a rollercoaster will somehow become the butt of all jokes moving forward.

Opportunities for bravery: Taking a kid out of their comfort zone will introduce them to obstacles they will have to overcome. For example, a kid who is shy may have to speak to the waiter or someone who is afraid of heights may experience a zip line. All of the new experiences and excursions that take place on a vacation will strengthen children’s courageousness.

Appreciation for different cultural norms: Living in a certain area for a majority of one’s life may be hard to imagine how others live. Having the opportunity to experience a different lifestyle will show the many differences and similarities. Seeing different cultures will also put your own into perspective. You may reevaluate the type of lifestyle you lead.

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