3 Keys to Retaining Gen Z Workers

Posted by Steve Robertson on May 3, 2018 3:43:00 PM

Entrepreneurism is on the rise, with a higher number of Millennials starting and running their own businesses than their parents before them. But what of the generation after them — those born after 1997? They may be a bit young for formal work trend studies, but there are already signs they’re just as capable of great things, if not more.

Gen Zers, Centennials, post-Millennials — whatever you want to call them — are independent, out-of-the-box thinkers. This will translate to talented employees who can affect organizational change and help companies stay competitive in the future. Businesses that start shifting their culture toward Generation Z’s preferences can attract and retain some of this up-and-coming talent.

Why Gen Zers Will Drive Your Future Growth

Gen Zers are ambitious: Nearly three-quarters of high schoolers expect to start their own business someday. Seventy percent have jobs best described as self-employed, versus traditional teen jobs prior generations held. Gen Zers are selling items on their own eBay store, teaching music lessons, running their own businesses babysitting or walking dogs.

As a director of many youth camps, I’ve seen Gen Zers’ entrepreneurial spirit firsthand. Many arrive at camp already armed with knowledge of sales, marketing and innovation. I recently worked with one 11-year-old camper who’d noticed a particular item was in high demand among campers, so she researched the recipe and made a profit selling “gloop” — or slime. This type of fast, informed response is typical of this generation. Gen Zers are action-oriented, and if they decide to enter the workforce rather than start their own ventures, they’ll expect future employers to be agile, too.

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