A Healthy Diet's Affect on Your Life

Posted by Andrew Waters on Nov 11, 2013 4:35:00 PM

By Andrew James Waters, Health Director

Eating the right types and amounts of food to support the nutrition and energy needed for growth is the essence of a balanced diet.  Body cells, tissue and organs require the correct variety of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients to grow and develop normally.  A healthy balanced diet includes not eating too many calories for your frame and activity level. 

Maintaining a balanced diet can feel challenging in our busy everyday lives. 

Simplify – Begin by thinking about your plate in terms of color, variety and freshness rather than calories.  A colorful plate is likely full of nutrients your body needs.

Jump Start your Morning - Start each morning with a small amount of protein to help fend of mid-morning hunger.  That hunger craving often leads to snacking on quick unhealthy foods.

Find the Time – Take time to eat slowly.  Your body needs 15-20 minutes to send the signal from your stomach to your brain to alert you that you are actually full.  Slowing down decreases over consumption of calories.

Hydrate – People often mistake dehydration for hunger.  At the first sign of hunger pangs be sure to drink a glass of water. 

The food you consume influences your stamina, energy levels, recovery time, concentration and how sharp you feel before, during and after you engage in a sport. Getting the balance right can improve your performance.

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