Next Level Training: Tennis without rackets

Posted by Caleb M. on May 14, 2013 8:41:00 PM

Julian_krinsky_tennis_lessonTake your game to the next level. This article is the second of our High Performance Tennis Training Series with Tennis Director, Punch Maleka. 
Sounds crazy, right? We can teach you to be a student of the game and to do that, there's no need (yet) for a racket. Let's begin with "thinking on the court". Many of us allow ourselves to get caught in the moment and this can cause distractions. Distractions can be the weather, your opponent, your racket, your sneakers, what you ate for breakfast or the music being played. In tennis, especially when you are playing solo, there are a lot of ups and downs or highs and lows. These can't distract you from the task at hand. By being a student of the game, you will learn to remain focused no matter how great your last shot was.
As we mentioned in the last series, it's better to reduce the importance of matches and become a student of the game. Everyone has limits and it's best to understand you should only "do what you can do" and play within your game. Many tennis players try to compare or model their game off the elite Tennis players and they might not have the same four key skills (listed in other series) as that player. Focus on your strengths in those four key skills and play within your game. 
Every player and every person in this world has limits. Why should tennis players be any different? It's best to know your limits. Many academies want you to hit 500 shots or practice for 8 hours, but that isn't realistic for anyone. By practicing like that you will begin to develop bad habits and poor technique. Not only that, but you're likely to see little results and you'll begin to wonder why. Learn your limits and practice them. If you are learning your limits, you can set attainable goals and then as you achieve and surpass them you'll begin to see results. 

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