Next Level Training: Why you don't need MORE matches?

Posted by Caleb M. on May 7, 2013 10:22:00 AM

JKCP_-_Tennis_5Take your game to the next level. This article is the first of our High Performance Tennis Training Series with Tennis Director, Punch Maleka. 
Yes, a match is fun to play (in theory), but have you ever considered what you gain from a match. In tennis, match play is considered the standard to improve your game, but then again, in tennis, you usually play to the level of your opponent. So, how do you know you are improving unless you're playing someone much better than yourself?
Many players gain nothing from match play and instead begin to "coast" in skill development terms. If you don't develop from match play, you don't need it. By not improving and playing opponents that do not challenge your game, you could develop bad habits. It's very similar to going to the gym to work out. If you just used the first machine you saw and started to use it, would you develop total body muscle or improve your fitness? Not really. You'd need to set goals and utilize different exercises to strengthen each muscle group. It's better to practice SMART and focus on improving specific skills than it is to be playing more matches.

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