Master the Irons: Tips from the Pros

Posted by Caleb M. on Apr 25, 2013 7:53:00 AM

summer_School_of_golfThe best way to launch the ball with an iron is easier said than done. Irons generate power when pressing down on the ball and compressing it between the face of the club and the ground. Here are two drills to help Master the Irons.

The Tee Drill

Step 1-Practice your swing at a driving range with a grassy area or in your yard (with wiffle balls).

Step 2- Place a ball down, then position a tee in line with the ball, an inch away from the ball. The tee placement shows the location of your divot in relation to where the ball originally was placed.

Step 3-Hit the ball and look for the divot. The ideal spot would be just in front of the ball. The iron is meant to strike the ball on the downswing, not the upswing. This means the club should barely touch the surface of the soil immediately following impact of the ball.

Step 4-Repeat the shot with a new ball. Continue with 10 shots in a row that all create divots in front of the ball. This will prove you’re hitting down on the ball.

The One Foot Drill

Step 1-Place a ball on the grass and strike the ball like you normally would.

Step 2-Move your trailing leg (right leg for right-handed golfer) about a foot behind you so that only your toe is in contact with the ground. Keep the lead foot still.

Step 3-Strike ball. This will force you to keep weight on your front foot as you’ll be rotating the lead leg. By doing this, you help develop the rotation forward which is essential in swinging down on the golf ball to drive it up and to the target.

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