Tennis Footwork Exercises Our Pros Do

Posted by Caleb M. on Apr 16, 2013 11:32:00 AM


Ever wonder how to get better footwork to improve your skills on the court? Well, here are some footwork exercises our Tennis Pros do to help them prepare for match play. Learn more about our High Performance Tennis training and our Tennis Programs this Summer.

55 Ball Drill

This drill will increase stamina and cardiovascular strength.  You’ll need a coach or partner to feed 55 balls side to side. The player will have to recover to the center of the court after every ball. Works best if the player hits every ball and recovers fully back to the center for the next shot.

Sidestep Slide

This is a motion you’ll use often in match play. Face one direction and slide along sideways then turn and face the opposite direction while continuing to slide.

Backwards Snake

Build the muscles and coordination needed when you must backpedal at an angle. Starting on the baseline, run up to the center of the net, drop back to the side and back to where you started.

Heel Kicks

Heel kicks will help build up the spring in your legs. Keeping your arms straight and at the waist side and continue to try and kick your heels up to reach your hands.

Split Step and Sprint

Maximize the quickness around the court. Similar to the “ready position”, the split step is a small hop you take while in the ready position. Begin with a split-step and sprint. To make it more realistic, you can do this to the right, the left and forward.

Sprint and Slide Shuttle Run

Space two cones or wood blocks. Sprint from one to the next then slide 3 times to each cone while finishing with a sprint back to the final cone.

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