8 tips to consider when buying your golf clubs!

Posted by Caleb M. on Apr 10, 2013 6:05:00 AM


We'll be honest, it's not easy buying golf clubs. Even if you bought a set to get you started and now you are looking to fill your set with clubs, there are still tricks of the trade that can help you. We've outlined 8 tips that can make your golf club buying experience more fun and enjoyable once you hit the golf course.

1. Leave out the 3-wood. Carry the 5-wood. Those who may not have enough power can get the 5-wood up in the air. Using a 5-wood with a few hybrids is ideal for anyone’s game.

2. Use a drive with more loft. This will help you get more height on your drives and enable more distance too.

3. Gaps between your wedges are always a good idea. We recommend 46-50-54-58 which gives you a four degree gap between the wedges.

4. Good bye 60! Hello 58. Dump the 60-degree wedge. Without a ton of speed, there aren’t many places you can use that club.  The 58-degree wedge is much easier to control.

5. Shorter is better than longer when buying a driver. Closed is better than neutral.

6. Don’t even think about including a 3, 4 or 5-iron. 3 and 4-irons have such little loft that they are virtually unhittable for the average golfer.

7. Get a hybrid! The trick is matching them to the irons they are replacing. Replace long irons with hybrids of same length and loft.

8. Learn the “three L’s” when looking for a putter. Loft, Length and Lie angle. A putter with the wrong length or lie angle cause pushes and pulls. 

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