Learn the big difference between a one and a two-handed backhand

Posted by Caleb M. on Apr 3, 2013 1:30:00 PM

tennisThis is a big question for a lot of tennis players. We compare and contrast the similarities, differences, pros and cons of both strokes. Test out your grips and backhands this summer with our youth Tennis Programs

One Hander Keys

-Eastern Backhand Grip to enable topspin

-Topspin contact in front

-Contintental grip enables and promotes under spin

-Under spin contact less in front than topspin

-Stance can be closed, square or open.

-Preparation turns the back to the net

-During the swing, the other arm stays back with player sideways

-Strokes should flow smoothly

-Challenge occurs with higher bouncing balls.


Pros: Better Reach, More Power

Cons: Hard to Handle, Change of Grip from Forehand to Backhand


Two Hander Keys

-Eastern forehand grip for the non-dominant arm

-Promotes Topspin

-Stance should be squared or open to allow hips to turn into each stroke

-Preparation is more sideways

-During the swing, dominant arm pulls up to impact and the non dominant arm takes over at point of contact to follow through

-Strokes should be firm and strong handed

-Challenge occurs during volleying


Pros: Power, Spin, Consistency, Ability to handle high backhand

Cons: Hard to hit stretch backhands


Similarities in One Hander and Two Hander Strokes

-Played with ball in front

-Swing up creating topspin

-Preparation begins with weight on back foot

Differences between the two

-Baseline is best for two handers

-Those who enjoy volleying should use a one hander

-If high bouncing balls aren’t fun for you then use a two hander

-If you like to approach the net or play on a grass court the one hander is best

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