Tennis Secret Weapons

Posted by Caleb M. on Mar 18, 2013 7:43:00 PM

Beyondtennis_summer_camp what you see when watching tennis, there are a ton of Secret Weapons on and off the court. Some of these can be learned from youth tennis camps while others are learned from personal and professional growth.

On Court

In Tennis, your weapons can be your strengths or they can be your acknowledgement of your opponent’s weaknesses.

For example, a player’s forehand might be his greatest weapon. But noticing an opponent’s weak side would also be a weapon added to his repertoire.

Of course there’s always a core weapon that helps in any sport, your general athletic ability. This encompasses endurance, flexibility, balance, hand-eye-coordination, speed and agility.

Off Court

Mental and emotional growth are always in play when you’re playing a singles sport, but there are other factors developed on the court and honed off the court.

Motivation is key because it enables the athlete to complete a task and accomplish something.

Concentration and problem solving go hand in hand off the court. Concentration is important during practice and visualization of technique. While concentrating, you are devising a game plan against your opponent and concentrating on how to react when an unexpected occurrence takes place.

On and Off Court

One key weapon on and off court is patience. Of course, we can all work on exercising patience in our daily lives, but it’s essential at times in match play. Professional tennis players will be the first to admit never rush between points or serves. Patience can take you a long way.

Another may seem obvious, but professionalism and gamesmanship is a must in tennis and life. The way one carries their selves before stepping on the court, while on the court and when stepping off the court is vital in their development as a person and athlete. It’s acceptable to take pride in being professional while maintaining a competitive spirit.

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