Quick Drills To Improve Your Volley

Posted by Caleb M. on Mar 13, 2013 12:58:00 PM


Everyone would love to know how to improve their volley! Of course it's not always an easy fix so here are a few drills to help you improve your volley. After practicing these quick drills, check out our Tennis Programs for Middle School and High School Students.

Volley Volley Drill

This drill helps you to develop reactions, footwork and control. In doing this drill, you’ll need a partner. You and your partner start halfway between the service line and the net. Begin to volley back and forth and keep the volley going.

-Set goals for consecutive volleys. Make the goals attainable and increase them based on performance.

-Then try to move back further away from the net and continue to the consecutive volleys.

-Set goals for all forehand volleys, then all backhand volleys.

Closing Volley Drill

Starting from the service lines, after each volley—close in one good step. If you are semi-aggressive in your volleys this will work extremely well. Focus on not trying to put the ball away, but instead make it somewhat difficult for your partner to handle your volley. This drill will help with your reactions, footwork and control, but focuses mostly on closing.

Passing Shot Game

One player begins by feeding the balls from the net to another play—this player is at the opposite baseline. The player at the baseline has the option to hit any type of shot they want. They player at the net has to attempt to hit the winning volley. Play each point out with a game usually to ten points.

The feeds from the player at the net should be easy. The baseline player should alternate between forehand and backhand, but the baseline player might want to focus on other shots or hitting on the run.

The Attacking Game

The baselines are where both players start. One feeds a shot ball to the other who hits an approach shot while trying to finish the point at the net. The attacking player can also hit a winning volley, but if the purpose is to practice your volley then approach shot is the best way to go. 

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