JK Spotlight: Laurent Span

Posted by Caleb M. on Feb 21, 2013 3:44:00 PM

We caught up with Laurent Span and asked him to recall his JK experience, while also hearing more about his passion for golf. 

JKCP: How many years have you attended JKCP?

Laurent Span (LS): This upcoming summer (2014) will be my third year. 

JKCP: Tell us about your interests, hobbies and friends.

LS: I'm an avid golfer who enjoys every aspect of the game. I play competitively in New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and my home state of New Jersey. My hobbies include fishing, reading, ice skating and skiing. I love all my friends from JKCP and from school along with the friends and people I've met at golf tournaments and basketball games.

JKCP: How'd you hear about JKCP?

LS: I heard about JKCP from a friend and was very excited to go as this was my first experience at a sleep-away camp.

JKCP: What was the best advice you received in playing golf at JKCP? Talk about how you improved in a summer over your time with JKCP.

LS: Probably the most stress-relieving word I know for myself in my vocabulary is golf. I have taken a lot from the golf program at JKCP. Whether in my first year where I created a better arch to my golf swing or my second year where I developed a better shot shaping technique. JKCP has helped me so much. I was able to drop one stroke off my handicap. The best advice I got was from the pro Phil last year, Phil was an advocate of a smooth and rhythmic swing and that serves as great advice to any amateur player. The best part of the advice was not that he told me what to do, but he showed me and helped me practice it the best way possible. It's still one of my positive pre-shot routine thoughts.

JKCP: Tell us some good stories about your time here and your friends that you've made.

LS: I have a lot of good memories from camp, but I'll choose one. My first year at JKCP and my first ever trip to Hope's Cookies. I was fooled by Julian that he did not have a bus driver license and that he had never driven before. I am probably the most gullible person because I believed it and freaked out the entire bus ride. When we finally reached Hope's Cookies, I was relieved that we got there safe and I was curious to why Julian would drive without a bus driver's license. He laughed and said he was kidding and then I laughed at myself for being so gullible. Some kids had found out that I believed him and on the bus ride back, my new friends laughed at my gullibleness. But seriously, I was really scared we were going to crash!

JKCP: What has golf taught you about yourself so far?

LS: Golf has not only taught me to be independent, it has also taught me courage, discipline, integrity and honesty.

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Rapid Fire Favorites:

Favorite TV Shows? 

LS: Top Gear, Morning Drive, Golf Central, and ESPN

Favorite Food?

LS: Rib Eye Steak, cooked string beans, broccoli, rice and freshly made fries. 

Favorite Color?

LS: Blue

Favorite Golfer(s)?

LS: Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Rickie Fowler, Camillo Villegas.

Favorite Book?

LS: Maximum Ride Series

Favorite Website?




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