GetFit: Alarm Your Arms!

Posted by Caleb M. on Feb 5, 2013 12:43:00 PM

11264744_1477442015904426_109803822_nWhen you head into the summer, everyone loves to show off their arms. So it's clear that people enjoy working out their arms. Some people separate the muscle groups in the arms. For example, you can do chest and biceps or back and triceps. You could train your biceps and triceps in the same day which would keep your muscles guessing by switching back and forth in your routine.




The exercise listed below target and help to strengthen the arms, specifically the bicep and tricep muscles. Keep the repetitions between 10 and 15 for these exercises.

Keep the sets between 10 and 15 for these workouts:

Bicep-5 sets of preacher curls

Tricep-5 sets of rope pull downs

Bicep-3 sets of dumbbell hammer curls

Tricep-3 sets of skull crushers

Tricep-3 sets of kickbacks

Do these at least once a week for your arm workouts. It's never a bad idea to throw in the occasional arm workout with your other muscle groups to just keep your heart rate and body moving. It's important to focus on the form and not so much the weight. Work on the form and the weight will increase with time.

Contributing Writer, Andrew Waters

Topics: High School Summer Programs

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