JK Spotlight: Alum Jennifer Newman

Posted by Caleb M. on Jan 30, 2013 4:31:00 PM

Jennifer Newman began taking private lessons at The Julian Krinsky School of Tennis (JKST) at the Narberth Tennis Club when she was six years old.   Jennifer started taking lessons from Nausher Khairi, a senior pro at Narberth Tennis Club.  She also attended our summer tennis camps as a day student. While attending our tennis camp she improved her skills working with Arvind Aravindhan, and Punch Maleka. She also developed a long lasting friendship with Devi Jadeja who Jennifer happily calls her best friend to this day.

Jennifer learned early on the importance of work ethic from her parents. Both of her parents are doctors and Jennifer says they are great parents to have! As Jennifer grew up and adopted a love for tennis, her parents supported her throughout, but it wasn’t until Nausher, Arvind and a few other coaches really pushed Jen to pursue tennis seriously.

Around age eleven, is when Jennifer started playing in USTA tournaments. At age fourteen she began to solely focus on tennis and academics. Arvind would describe Jennifer as very social, extremely caring and generous. Arvind says, “Jennifer always asks how everyone is [doing] and makes an effort to say hello to everyone.”

Jennifer’s generosity is evident as she has been instrumental in helping younger players as a Tennis Professional in her summers with Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs. She’s spent the past two summers coaching the younger tennis players.

Every summer she is reminded of her times with JKST. She’ll never forget the times spent with Arvind, Julian Krinsky and Adrian Castelli. She remembers all the U.S. Open trips, visiting the Art Museum and eating cheesesteaks with JKST staff. Jennifer recalls when Adrian let her wear his nametag when she was eleven years old.

One of her favorite things to do over her years was to play against Julian on the tennis court. Jennifer says, “Julian is an old school tennis player. He serves and volleys while making me slice. He always makes me play cross court because he knows I don’t play like that.” Arvind says in regards to Jennifer’s game on the court, “She is a ball striker and fierce competitor. Jennifer is driven and would rather play matches instead of practice.” Jennifer claims that’s because in practice there’s “no freedom to do what you want”. She continues saying there is “nothing more helpful to your game than playing matches.”

Jennifer did say she loves matches because there’s not much structure to it. She also went on to say there’s tons of structure in her life. Jennifer attends Amherst College where she plays on the tennis team. She loves Amherst College so much that she is already convincing Arvind to send his daughter there. She enjoys the balance of academics and athletics playing on a winning team. Jennifer is majoring in biology with an interest in genetics and possibly Veterinary School.

It’s clearly obvious Jennifer’s love for tennis has grown through her years at JKST. It’s also clear that her hard work has paid off in both tennis and academics. Jennifer’s advice to everyone: “Work as hard as you can because you’ll regret being lazy.”

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