GetFit: Give Your Best To Your Chest

Posted by Caleb M. on Jan 29, 2013 3:54:00 PM

Getfit_workout_chestIf your core is the foundation of your body, then your chest is the center piece. It's nice to have every part of your body to be strong and having a strong chest is a good way to start.

To begin a chest workout use these:

-4 sets of incline dumbbell press (6-12 reps)

-4 sets incline barbell press (6-12 reps)

-Superset with fly/pec deck machine (presses at 6-12 reps, flys at 6-20 reps)

-3 sets of low cable flys superset with push ups. (Both around 10-20 reps)

Build your chest with your other workouts and you are on your way to a strong center. 

Contributing Writer, Andrew Waters

Topics: High School Summer Programs

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