JK Spotlight: Nate Cohen - 5 Years of Summer Programs

Posted by Caleb M. on Jan 17, 2013 3:17:00 PM

Nate grew up in Malvern, Pennsylvania and is finishing up his high school education at Great Valley High School. Before attending JKCP, Nate considered himself an average person with friends from school who enjoyed his time with family and friends. 

Nate Cohen in our GetFit Program


It was a little over five years ago that Nate heard about Julian Krinsky Summer Camps and Programs for Kids. Nate recalls hanging out with the Yesh Shabbat kids and developing great relationships. He says that he remembers the faces of the best friends he made since the first year. He still remains in contact with some of friends from his third year. Over the five years at JKCP, he has made such good friends with students all over the world including his counselors (Cassie, Nathan and Erin). Nate says, "he feels as though he's earned their respect each year because he has more respect for them and what they do".

Besides fun, Nate learned a great deal too. When he first started at JKCP, he took Drama with Erin. Since that, he's concentrated on Basketball and Fitness each year. The GetFit Program has helped improved Nate's level of fitness and health while our basketball program has vastly improved his game. Nate said working with Coach Roi and hearing a new perspective (besides his high school coach) was a great asset to his game. 

After JKCP, Nate confidently says he's experienced many new things that have all left positive impacts on his life. As he finishes high school with a 3.67 GPA, he plans to attend college with a concentration of Chemical Engineering or Electric. Then he wants to settle down with a wife and maybe a few kids after college. 

Nate's final recap of his JKCP experience is that "overall, I feel like when I'm at JKCP, even with counselors and people I do not know, I am and can be myself. I try to get to know everyone and become friends with everyone and I can only do that because I feel safe and happy at JKCP."


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