A JK Memoir: Alessandra Magnetti

Posted by Caleb M. on Nov 26, 2012 1:42:00 PM

This memoir was written by Alessandra Magnetti. Alessandra's JKCP summer internship experience was three fold as she worked with Julian Krinsky Property Management, Robert Allen-An Interior Design Company, and Blackney Hayes Architects.

I registered for JKCP in July 2008. I was 18 years old and I was in my fourth year of classical studies in my home town of Bergamo, Italy. Since I was little I've always loved traveling, experiencing new things and meeting new people from various parts of the world. Thanks to my parents, it became possible for me to visit the USA for Julian Krinsky's summer programs. At JKCP, I had my first work experience. I remember how nervous I was and thinking "Will I understand everything?" and "Will I be able to do what they ask of me?"

I've always liked the art world: architecture, design and arts. My mom's best friend is an architect and since I was little I wanted to do the same job. So, when I found the JKCP internship programs I thought that it was time for me to start working, gain experience and to see if my dream was a reality! I had a wonderful time at JKCP and it has been a great experience for me. I also think I've been luckier than my mates, since I personally met Julian, Tina (Julian's wife) and Adrian (co-owner with Julian) and they have been so nice with me! I'll never forget that and feeling like I was part of their family.

My experience started with a phone call from JKCP to test my English speaking skills. One of the worst thing in Italian schools is that we don't learn proper English so when JKCP called me I wasn't really able to speak English fluently. So my "inability" actually led me to my best adventure. Instead of doing only one job I did three! I started working with JK's Real Estate company for the first week. Usually I learn really fast so in a few days my English had really improved. I worked a lot with Maz Alam, who I kindly remember since he was really nice with me and he taught me lots of things about his work while bringing me everywhere. I loved working with him and I thought everything was really interesting, but I came to the other part of the world to better understand the architecture field!

So, once we talked about this, Maz immediately talked to Julian and thanks to Tina, I started working with an interior design company called Robert Allen. How much work! I remember how tired I was after the whole day spent there! I was so enthusiastic of that new job (and of that new special opportunity) that I used to work every time without any breaks! I loved my new job so much. The shop was amazing, the girls I worked with were really nice to me and really patient. At the same time, I used to have lots of lunches with Julian, Tina and Adrian, so I had the best time ever with a great job and feeling like I was home with my family.

But my story isn't finished! During one of our lunches I was talking with Julian and Tina saying that the architecture world has always been really interesting to me and that I was quite sure that it could be my future. They said that to be sure, I should have tried to do something in that specific field and... voilà! I was in a prestigious architecture studio, Blackney Hayes Architects, working with my roommate (who in the meantime became a really good friend of mine). I only spent 3 or 4 days in that studio (my session was already finished!) but it has been the best adventure ever and it has been enough to confirm my passion for architecture.

Also here I met lots of nice people (I still have their names and contacts) and I felt really good there. For example, my roommate became one of my closest friends, and the summer after she spent all her vacations with me and my family! We are still in contact and I'm managing, if I have time after my Bachelor degree, to go to New York to visit her! By the way she fell so in love with UPenn that now she is a college student there!

So, after this long letter, I can conclude that JKCP has been my best experience ever, that I felt I was the luckiest and the most loved girl in the session and that I'm really happy and honored. That everyone, every single person I met, has been so kind and nice to me. I met one of my best friends and now I perfectly understood what my future can be.

Because of these reasons and tons of others, I'm really thankful to JKCP and everyone who made my experience a great one.

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