JKCP Spotlight: The Amen Family

Posted by Caleb M. on Nov 5, 2012 3:22:00 PM

Jamie Amen grew up not too far from our Narberth location where she took tennis lessons. Now Jamie, has two young girls (Camryn and Chloe) and still lives close to Narberth. 

Camryn, 12 years old, and Chloe, 10 years old, have been to other camps before. Until this summer, Jamie only knew of Julian Krinsky for their tennis fame and had no idea what else JKCP had to offer.

Last January, Jamie signed Camryn and Chloe up for the best summer they'll ever experience, they just did not know that....until it began! Camryn and Chloe were signed up for Xploration, JKCP's middle school enrichment summer camp. As Jamie recalls her daughters' summer she speaks highly about the "caliber of life skills they received from Julian Krinsky". 

Before Jamie decided to send her daughters to JKCP, she found the most appealing aspect was the promise of an introduction for her daughters to other cultures. She was excited that they could experience the "melting pot" right in their backyard. 

Camryn and Chloe took full advantage of their time at JKCP participating in Fashion, Art, Photography, and Cooking. They loved it! Camryn and Chloe both enjoyed Fashion and Cooking because as their mom says, "they enjoy getting messy whether it be [in fashion] glue and fabrics or [in cooking] fruits and vegetables." One week, Chloe won Iron Chef our weekly cooking competition. 

While the kids had a great time, it was Jamie who was even more thrilled. Each day her daughters would bring home food from class and spoke to Jamie and her husband about each little detail from that day at JKCP. Jamie thoroughly enjoyed the structure of the classes and how each class had a beginning and end. "So many kids and parents need the beginning and end. To know the satisfaction and responsibility to finish what they started and see a project completely through." In Fashion Design, they learned about each stage of design and then started drawing, followed by choosing their fabrics and then finished by naming the dress and actually wearing it! 

Jamie felt that the entire Julian Krinsky experience nurtured the creativity of both Camryn and Chloe. Her daughters felt "empowered by everything that they learned." Since attending the cooking program, Jamie hasn't cut a single vegetable. Her daughters now cut all the vegetables! Camryn and Chloe even show their mom the correct knife to use. Recently, Camryn took triangle sliced watermelons and cut them into watermelon cubes while making a fruit salad for a family party. 

This summer, Jamie's daughters left with skills in four different classes taught by teachers that Jamie describes as "professionals working in the real world in exactly what they're teaching." These acquired skills can now be used in their life and are closely related to skills that could help them get into college. Jamie sums up her first summer at JKCP's Xploration by saying she is now "an advocate for life!"

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