Alumni Spotlight: Andrew Zieky

Posted by Caleb M. on Sep 12, 2012 2:24:00 PM

Seventeen years ago, a nervous 13 year old boarded a plane to spend a couple of weeks at the Julian Krinsky School of Tennis, which also offered golf and squash at the time. Homesickness, a possible by-product of all new camping experiences, came almost immediately upon arrival. However, Julian, with his unorthodox prescription for neutralizing homesickness, took Andrew and a few other campers out to a fun dinner at a local restaurant. Not only did it work to eliminate his home sickness, Andrew stayed for the rest of that summer and returned for many summers to come.

Growing up in West Hartford, CT, Andrew had the advantage of a golfing father who gave him a base for learning the game. JKST gave him the skills he needed to excel and the competitive spirit to win tournaments.

One of the most influential relationships he had was with his golf pro, Graeme McDonic, whom Andrew is still in touch with today. He credits him with making him a better golfer, to the point that one summer he won every tournament...all seven weeks of camp! He loved the legendary rivalries that came from the competition with international students, who also provided a different dimension, introducing him to their different cultures and interests, especially soccer.

JKST not only provided excellent golf instruction, they were instrumental in influencing young people to take on new responsibilities; from the social aspects to mundane activities like doing your own laundry and keeping your room neat and clean. Living in a dorm offered a different kind of camping experience where you had individual responsibilities while having fun and learning new skills.  Andrew credits JKST with preparing him for a life away from home.

After Krinsky came Syracuse University where here ran into a bunch of JKST alums.  One winter, with that special bond, they organized the first JKST reunion in New York City. It was a tremendous success, one that they hope to repeat for years to come. Anywhere Andrew travels, locally or abroad, he feels he can find a JKST friend to get in touch with.

Now an eighth grade Social Studies teacher in Massachusetts, Andrew easily draws from his JKST international relationships and experiences to reach out to his foreign born students and engage them in their studies. 

Andrew and his wife, Jessica, live in Boston and hope that one day their children will have the opportunity to attend JKST and enjoy the sports and friendships he had. 

More About Julian Krinsky School of Golf

Since Andrew's time at camp, the Julian Krinsky School of Golf was formed. This program allows students week-long experiences to focus on improving their golf skills. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level golfer, our summer golf camp provides world-class instruction and coaching for junior golfers and gives you the necessary skills to compete and win. We’ll focus on the short game, putting, approach shots, course management, tournament play and more.

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